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New Convoy Interception Feature

Convoy Interception
It's now possible to intercept enemy convoys with your own convoys, if you're fast enough. When a convoy is intercepted, a battle is done out in the open where the intercepted convoy act as the defender and the intercepting convoy the attacker. The major difference in this battle format is that the defender has no defending structures.
If the attacker gets a decisive victory, the intercepted convoy turns around and heads back to the location it was sent from.
The normal point limits apply to intercepting convoys except for convoys targeting your town, those you can always intercept.
This is potentially a big change and we are looking for feedback at the end of the round to see how we can best balance it with the rest of the game.

Full changelog
- Added convoy intercept system
- Added a spotted convoy overview screen accessible from the map
- Made raiders more active
- Fixed convoy lists showing towns special unit instead of the convoy owner special unit
- Fixed clan cooldown not cooling down
- One of the refugee regional events have been replaced with a double income event
- Upgrade HQ area on townhall is highlighted when the mission requires an update
- Number of destroyed checkposts from the op has been changed to be less when you don't have that many
- Fixed checkposts bringing trade income below 0 when having no alliances
- Fixed winter/spring convoy travel time re-calculations

Latest update: 2023-03-04 21:23:00

December Updates

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and we hope next year will bring us all many goods things!

To start off good, we have just given everyone a free wildcard, a little early Christmas Present, enjoy!

We also put a few updates online today. As always if you have any issues come poke us on Discord!

- We added a holding page for when the game is ticking to prevent player actions from interfering with it
- Fixed surprise attack calculations. It was not possible to get a surprise attack before. You will not get a surprise attack if your convoy contains mortars or if the defender has spotted the convoy. Defending checkposts lowers the chance of a surprise attack.
- Government Aid will no longer be sent out to "enemies of the state".
- Rubble is now also added when acres are attacked.
- Stats page did not count tax from villages allowing players to hide their true income level.
- Queued research will now be started after income has been calculated instead of before.
- It is no longer possible to queue more than 20 buildings on an acre.
- Fixed scavenger tech not being applied.
- Build modifier no longer counts for removing rubble.
- Added "Spot Convoy" op to the town ops page and moved the op icons from the right side of the map to the left for better visibility.
- Government special unit is now Marines
- Removed CSRF token check on login page, it was too annoying.
- Border Patrol tech will now remove the ally trade penalty from checkposts
- probably other fixes

The Outbreak Team

Latest update: 2022-12-25 04:30:00

New BETA version online!

Hi everyone,

With the start of the upcoming round we are finally going to release the new version of the game!

The new version will bring in many new features but also more instability, so we are going into BETA status for this round.
If you run into any issues report them and we will fix them, use this round to try out new stuff and we hope to get the game stable in a single round.

New features:
- Added unit and building production queue
- Added research queue
- Added button to input max units or max buildings in input fields
- Added clan officers who can help manage the clan
- Added clan tax for members to automatically add cash to the clan bank
- Added option for attack convoys to be resolved automatically upon arrival
- Added custom mail groups you can define yourself
- Added new town backgrounds and more starting bonuses and research discounts
- New chat which is linked to Discord. Clans can also link their channel to their own Discord server.
- Discord DM notifications for events. Go to account notification settings and follow the instruction to links you Discord account.
- Added a new default hero "Field Marshall Robert"
- You can now join multiple areas with a single account
- Acres now have a build modifier instead of a hard building limit
- Acre buildings can be deconstructed on acres you've held more than 48 hours
- Most ops that provide information on the target will also be showing in your inbox for later review
- Reports can be merged together and also forwarded to other players
- Combat formula rewritten, higher unit to unit casualties
- Acres now have their own build mod allowing for more buildings to be build then the acre has room for
- Ops energy exceeding max from completing missions or events will no longer disappear on next tick
- Force readiness exceeding 100 from events will no longer disappear. FR still has a hard limit of 200.
- Discovering regions on the map is now player controlled
- When a player captures a location, other attack convoys from the same player are added as reinforcement
- Spy on research will only give you some info instead of all
- Each town starts with some research already completed based on town type
- Scorched earth now has to be cancelled manually after taking an acre
- It is now possible to buyout an auction even when you're the highest bidder
- Cash income from villages count towards alliance cash income
- acres captured before level 34 now count towards completing the mission
- Poison food op available in PvP
- Infiltration reports will show an estimated defense rating for camps and acres based on the information available in the report
- Raiders now send attack convoys to abandoned acres instead of just moving in
- Recalling a convoy on the same tick it was sent will reimburse the spent force readiness
- Town operations generate a higher outcome based on town level

The Outbreak Crew

Latest update: 2022-09-05 00:00:00