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The Outbreak Team

A big thanks to the people who help out in our team and who make it possible to keep this game running and keep it free to play for everybody. You wish to get involved and help out in our team? Sent a mail with your motivation to info@the-outbreak.com

Ronald - The Outbreak Developer. The Netherlands.

YourFavoriteNPC - The Outbreak Administrator. USA.

Jack502 - The Outbreak Administrator. New Zealand.

LightningWolf - The Outbreak Moderator. USA.

Outbreak supporters

This game is made possible by our supporters, much appreciated! Also want to become a supporter? click here!

TangoWhiskey - Supporter. Days left -33.

Jack502 - Supporter. Days left 229.

SoraDeath - Supporter. Days left 4.

TangoWhiskey - Supporter. Days left 290.

A message from one of our supporters:

Let me know if you have questions :D (Jack502)