Not so much a bug

Posted July 18 2015 - 19:52
More of an annoyance I've had to deal with since playing. To get to the root of the problem I'll be direct, I use a version of Ubuntu that has a side bar to the left with various icons and such and your game pages (map in particular) and the forum all run off to the right side even on full screen. I know this isn't very important, and I play around it by shrinking the window down and using the scroll bars, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway.
Posted July 19 2015 - 00:08
This is because the page isn't responsive, but i've heard they are working on it.
Posted July 20 2015 - 08:07
Thank you for your report, we are indeed working on a more responsive design, but if people can give details of different devices and their layout issues that would help us greatly.
Posted July 26 2015 - 18:22
Well, at the time of this message I'm typing on the Wii u and viewing the forums and game. The forum looks fine, no run off to the right side, the text is small but thats expected. The game also works just fine, also very small text but it's more of a problem on the map as I can zoom in elsewhere.