Unites Nation (UN)

Posted November 07 2015 - 04:15
Posted November 07 2015 - 04:22
Long live peace between the U.K.S.R and the U.N! May your nation and my republics live on and further spread power among the people of Southern Kansas. As the current President of the Communist Party of Kansas (C.P.K) I shall attempt to maintain peace between our nations. Diplomacy is the only answer, war is only a default at times with idiocy.

Long live the U.K.S.R!
Posted November 07 2015 - 15:27
yay i would like to join and help keep the peace
Posted November 07 2015 - 18:33
As the vice president of the United_Nations I must ask, what is your town name and sector?
Posted November 07 2015 - 20:46
I act like a President and in reality I am another totalitarian leader under a fearmongering state, not my own of course.