Bounty Board

Posted November 09 2015 - 19:20
Hey all,

In Kansas 1, there's endless spam of bounties for towns, and I'm getting a bit annoyed. I want to search for an answer if we could solve this issue. Most of the bounties are right now for the higher players, spamming the bounty board.

My wonder is that, in the future, will there be at least a maximum on how many bounties you can place so spam won't be there or any other solution that will prevent this?
Posted November 10 2015 - 00:05
why should it be prevented?
Posted November 10 2015 - 02:10
Perhaps, one person can only issue a number of bounties at a time? 5 per person at any given time.
Posted November 10 2015 - 02:21
There should be no restraints on bounties. In my opinion. If you are worried about it, you must be on the receiving end of this bounty escapade. But, that doesn't mean a large change should be made to the game just because many bounties have been placed recently. The likely hood of all those being fulfilled would be slim, as the reward isn't even worth the cost of the missile, not to mention the operational energy.

A lot of bounties does not equal "spam" those cost money to do, it is not like they are just posting them for free.
Posted November 10 2015 - 06:15
I like Ant's take on the scenario too. That makes a lot of sense.

You know, it might just be a strategy to empty towns of their resources because they're inclined to buy-off the threat of attack.
Posted November 11 2015 - 14:13
Yea...The bounty board is a good 30 secounds to scroll to the bottom so a limit of five sounds good to me.Maybe a clear the bounty's every 3 days or something of those means.