People of Kansas 3 PLEASE READ

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Posted November 11 2015 - 15:32
Hello, I'm the United States leader of the United Nations (Kansas 3). I Refuse to let Kansas 3 be Taken completely over by People that have NO good intention, Like The Only Wolves, But now its The Game of Thrones, this time They haven't taken the Whole map yet, We still have Time to Stop them from taking over Kansas 3, Please Lets all Join forces and STOP their Spread across the Land, Not Necessarily Take over there land but just Stop them from taking anymore. Please Join Together with the UKSR and United Nations to Make Sure they Cannot be Another TOW.

If You read this Stannis & Arya this isn't a Threat, we are simply stopping you from becoming to powerful.

Thank you for Reading (Remember this is in Kansas 3)

United Nations and UKSR are Good Allies that will Fight for whats right, We are the Police of Kansas 3.

Thanks again for Reading. - United States.
Posted November 11 2015 - 15:39
-sighs-Please stop saying the only wolves are going to come to places.We have no intention of taking your land in kansas 3 because we are not EVER going to kansas 3
Posted November 11 2015 - 15:42
No, I didn't say You will, I said I don't want the Game of Thrones IN Kansas 3, To Become Like TOW.
Posted November 11 2015 - 16:53
arming the defences and going land hunting.

Posted November 11 2015 - 17:20
Yes..... we are a very nice clan in the U.K.S.R.
Posted November 11 2015 - 17:53
prepare to die McComb
Posted November 11 2015 - 18:00
McComb Will not Die because the Towns around Kansas Will Attack You and Defend/Support McComb, If you want War, Prepare to lose.
Posted November 11 2015 - 18:24
he may be level 36 but we are many and he is but 2.
Attack us one, you attack us all.
Posted November 11 2015 - 18:50
Attack him men! I have told you in the PM what the orders are and as Supreme Allied Commander I demand you carry them out not only for Socialism but for Democracy!
Posted November 11 2015 - 19:23
he attacked me.. my acre
Posted November 11 2015 - 21:19
I know
Posted November 11 2015 - 22:47
What do you mean by that United States, are you against me? Remember that this man is a threat and I wanted peace and attempted to give it back to him and now that he rejected it I believe and know that he is a threat to Kansas.
Posted November 12 2015 - 11:03
Seems like you guys are having fun in the Kansas 3 area ^^

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