Union of Kansas Socialist Republics (Permanent Clan Forum)

Posted November 20 2015 - 23:19
Welcome, Comrade, to the Union of Kansas Socialists Republics!


"Glory to the new order, the luxurious, mighty, and glorified Union of Kansas! It is today my fellow socialists that the Government that was the United States of America has been entirely eradicated by the virus and it is also the day that the Union of Kansas Socialist Republics has been rectified to take its place as the next great Empire! But we must not forget our roots. The roots that I speak of are that of Anglo-Saxonism;destroying all of these... savages that inhabit our continent; these savages will be ruled by us, knowing that we are destined to rule Northern, Central, and Southern Kansas.
It is this day, in which will live forever in infamy for the wicked and for us, triumph, and a great ascendancy for our ways. It is today that the old Democratic government has been withdrawn, and shall permanently cease to exist! Today is the day that a new, more contemporary, modernized government is erected to replace the corrupt that once stood. This new government, in which it now stands, shall be titled the Union of Kansas Socialist Republics! It shall stand for freedom, for Communism, for the Union, unity, and merging of the old, the young, and the proud. It will stand to help the people and to further create peace in Kansas and around the three corners of the state.
As the new leader of this young and promising government I vow to fulfill the duties of it and to eliminate all who encourage the prolongation of the plight and suffrage it has been caused to face, to prolong the survival of wealth, living room, Communism, and power to the member(s) of body. Never will I allow the nefarious persons of the old government, and their totalitarian ideas run us ever again! Never will I allow the end of our freedom and liberty. For this, I say, long live the U.K.S.R!"
-Chancellor from McComb; the Socialist revolution of 2039

Laws of the U.K.S.R

- No member of the U.K.S.R is permitted to attack a clan that has meanings of Peace.

- No member of the U.K.S.R shall be granted to attack an ally.

- Under the circumstance that a member of the clan is attacked by a clan of peace, the issue will be resolved by ways of Diplomacy. Should negotiations fail then war will be processed and declared on the hostile government.

- Trade, if either party consents to and has agreed to one another terms, is forever encouraged with an ally, and/or neutral being and state.

- Under a cautious state of emergency due to threats, or a current state of war all members of the Union are required to participate in the war effort, directly or indirectly.

- No member of the political body shall volunteer, encourage violence with or against the clan, or against any other person or clan without their/its consent.

Amendments of the U.K.S.R

Amendment I- To join the Clan, a town must have the level of 10 or HIGHER. Towns levels 9 and LOWER will be rejected.

Amendment II- If a non-clan member (who is an ally of the Union) is attacked by another ally of the Union, no member is allowed to support their conflict.

Amendment III
- During a period of war, the use of poison on an enemy population is granted so to weaken their war effort and economy.

Amendment IV
- The relevant use of lethal force upon enemy civilians is a justifiable right and shall be used accordingly when regarding enemy towns.

Amendment V- Previous members of the Clan will be subjected to training should it be deemed necessary.

Amendment VI- All actions against a Government with malicious intent is permissible.

Amendment VII - Acting President of the U.K.S.R is permitted to overlook Amendment I.

Amendment VIII- The Presidential Advisor remains in office after every round cycle until removed from office by the popular vote or the President of the U.K.S.R.

Amendment IX- The Clan may restrict, revoke, or continue itself of any alliance. Should it decide to terminate relations with any other affiliated group, thus maintaining its own sovereignty, it may do so with the approval of the highest position of power.

Freedoms and rights of the U.K.S.R

-Right to free protection.

- Right to the freedom of tariff-free trade.

- Right to vote for a new leader under the code of the U.K.S.R. You may vote for who you want as the elected official leader of the U.K.S.R and have the freedom of saying who you want as the elected official. With this, there shall be no warrant of persecution among members.

- Right to free speech.

Allied & Enemy Clans to the U.K.S.R

Affiliated Groups

Current leader of the Union of Kansas Socialist Republics

The town of No Town Assigned

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Town of No Town Assigned

Head of Advisory of the Presidency of the Union

The town of No Town Assigned


0 and growing!

Great Wars

(YR;2015 K3;QR)The First Great War
- week 675 - week 750

(YR;2015 K3;QR) The Sitting War- week 856 - week 859

[b](YR;2016 K3) The Confederation Conflict Proclamation
- A unanimous declaration of war by the Axic Powers against the Politically Reformed N.A.T.O and The_United_States. week 323 - week N/A

[i]Current and Past Operations Conducted by the U.K.S.R

*NOTE; past Operations are declassified and can be read!*

(YR;2015 K3;QR) Operation Weekend-Shark- The organized attacks on both enemy, neutral, and allied clans and people of Kansas 3 so to claim all acres.

Unity Is Power!

***Note; any laws or amendments seen above are not and will not be permanent and are prone change.***

If you would like to join the Clan, make peace, or have any questions send a message to McComb, adviser, or leader of the Union.

(Last updated on 10/16/2016)

Posted September 10 2016 - 19:17
Image Welcome to the Union of Kansas Socialist Republics! Our purpose is to revive, promote and enforce equality of all fields in Kansas. Fight for one another; Trade with one another; and aid one another.
Long Live the U.K.S.R!


News of Today

As of January 15, 2017 the Union of Kansas Socialist Republics shall be nullified. From the stated date a new clan will be created. This clan shall be declared as the Survivors Liberation Army! http://www.the-outbreak.com/forum/read_topic.php?id=559
Posted October 03 2016 - 04:07
Greetings Comrade,

Our clan is currently stationed in K3!

Posted October 03 2016 - 22:00
The lands will be red!
With the UKSR in the Axic Powers they will unite the the region under the glorious banner of socialism!
Posted October 03 2016 - 22:10

Long live the Union, and long live the Axic Powers!
Posted October 28 2016 - 23:49
We need a Need an Official News Outlet!
Posted October 31 2016 - 02:17
We do.