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Posted November 23 2015 - 23:53
As a person who uses the Clan Forum a lot to manipulate in-game propaganda, and as a person who edits his page a lot in doing so because I only use one Thread I would like to make a suggestion to @Ronald and @Outbreak Crew.

I think it should be available to the people who create the Thread the ability to delete any comment or post made in said thread so long as it is not a Mods post.

The reason I want this is because I have just created a thread called The Union of Kansas Socialist Republics (Permanent Clan Forum)that I would like to maintain for a very long while so to promote my clan even in the future when a new round has begun. I want to make sure that I can delete any old posts that are now irrelevant to the conversation or any posts that were inappropriate, this would save the mods time too.

Ability's the Thread 'owner' can have:

-delete any if not all comments and posts

-delete the entire thread if necessary

-edit the thread title (Why create a new thread if you messed up the title? You're just wasting space!)

This would save the mods a lot of time and would make the forums, especially the clan forums, much easier to maintain without having just one person maintaining it.

I am quite sure that this would be a VERY easy thing to code into the game and would not take very long.

Do look into it.

Thank you.
Posted November 24 2015 - 02:57
Posted November 24 2015 - 13:28
I would love this on my "Memorial for supereese"#support
Also,Another idea for the fourms would be that the 'hot topics'Are the ones with the most replies
Posted November 26 2015 - 10:04
We will take this with us if we are going to work on another update for our forum.

Thank you for your input :)