Clan Alliance

Posted July 25 2015 - 12:09
I feel that the ability to ally a clan so that the members of each clan can't attack one another is vital. That way it prevents misunderstandings from members. However, it may be reversed by the leader of the clan.
Posted July 25 2015 - 14:06
sooooo whos ur clan allies n which clan r u from?
Posted July 26 2015 - 05:42
Tirana from United Nations.
Posted July 26 2015 - 15:25
Thank you for your feedback, we agree that their should be 'relations' between clans. We have it on our list to do.
Posted July 27 2015 - 04:12
I have mention this to the dev's. But to put it out here in black n white as its a similar topic as above.
I think one should be able to give an acre to anyone you wish to give it to. Not just a clan member.
Posted July 27 2015 - 04:40
It would make inter-clan relations a more streamlined experience, I once traded an acre in the mid game last round for resources lump sum but then had to attack thhe acre to take it. If there was such a feature it would have been useful then. Also on a side note, it would also be nice if when you do give an acre away and you have troops on it that they actually come back to town. I lost a lot of bikers that said they were coming back to town but never made it.
Posted August 04 2015 - 09:59
Your Bikers found a better Tavern to drink at Gigamush. Maybe you should brew better beer??? ;)