Reinforcing clanmates acres/towns

Posted November 24 2015 - 21:10
You should be able to reinforce a teamates acre so that acre can have a higher defense.
Posted November 26 2015 - 10:01
While we love the idea and it has been on our list for a while, this is code wise a huge challenge to accomplish.

Also we need to think out the mechanics very carefully. Like how do we calculate casualties over the different parties?
When multiple players can defend a location, it should also be possible to attack with a group of players.

Only the thoughts about the complications it will bring us in coding such a kind of feature.... not even thinking about the time it will consume.

But we really would like to add such a option in the future, perhaps in another form but we will keep working on features improving team play :)
Posted November 29 2015 - 07:12
This would give more weight to the "coordinate attack" feature of clans.
Posted June 30 2016 - 07:11
Hmm... guess this has been suggested before.
Well - Here's my recommendation forum Suggestion Bottle

I put my own little spin on it but I know. Coding is coding. And Coding is HARD.
Posted June 30 2016 - 11:21
You could no thought into the distribution of casualties and let them occur entirely at random, i.e. calculate the overall casualties as in any battle but distribute them at random amongst the grouped army.

By pooling armies the attackers/ defenders hope to gain an advantage... the entirely random nature of the casualty distribution would be a counter weight to this...

Better still one of the grouped forces would be randomly selected to suffer disproportionately large number of the total casualties.

if you end you army to defend a clan member your army will take the most damage- the troops are in an unfamiliar place (maybe their defence contribution is modified (randomly)downward too.

Similarly, the group attacks have a random downward modifier... to account for the fact that they have not trained together.

This would add balance to the group attack/defence operations
Posted June 30 2016 - 15:30
Don't like it. Get stronger clan members. If one clan gets capital, the guy who owns it could have their entire clan reinforce while the owner sits there and farms without having to worry about defense. So you have one guy with capital just gaining points to eventually take everything else.

Posted June 30 2016 - 15:57
The food costs of supporting a clan member could be increased to prevent this...

It should be a costly strategy so it is used sparingly.... only when there is a clear benefit to in terms of the costs
Posted June 30 2016 - 21:47
Personally, I was thinking mercenary assistance, resource style. Still going to be a nightmare for Ronald to code but maybe he can rehash some of the current, in-game code for this ability.

Players can request support on the clan page via the Joint Attack or in a new section. Players can cancel the request at any time but they can't partially payment cancel. Meaning if they request 5000 and only gets 3000 as an offer for the next 2 weeks(IRL) and nobody else will push the 2000, they have to cancel and resubmit for 3000 if they really wants the 3000.

Player A request support of: 5000 militia. (why, no one will ever know)
Player B offers 3000 militia.
Player C offers 2000 militia.
Player A accepts both offer.
Player A and B send support.

From there it depends on whether you inside the guild or not. But if we are placing more weight to the "Joint Attack" button I would say this is a strictly, clan thing.

THE COST - This Aint Amazon, this is Ebay. You Pay the Shipping.
Militia are 250 gold and 150 food.
Player A would have to pay half that for each militia and full price for cars if he doesnt have the transport for his guild mates.
Player A still has to pay the full cost of:
food travel, ---> It will take 2 weeks at 2500 food to get to Player A as well as return shipping
food housing, ---> Current Army + Extra for how ever long they are kept
and fuel to get ---> It will take 30 cars and 5000 gas to get to player B as well as return shipping

After requested assistance arrives they become part of a player's personal army to use as they wish. (Attack or Defend)
The filled requests stay visible to the participants as a blue/green attack with the words "dismiss" for the requester and "recall" for the requestee(?).

LOSSES AND GAINS - You broke it, You buy it!
Player A gets attacked or is attacking using the 5000 requested militia.

Repay clan member if you want, at risk loan payment was the original 125 gold and 75 food for request as well as transport fees and responsibilities for extra army. Youre loan is covered at min, 1/2 your reinforcements sent.

SO as recap:

-Clan Mates Request
-Other Clan Mates Fill
-Optional: Clan Mate repay Other Clan Mates

If ya'll like it. I'll just copy and paste it to my Random Idea's Forum.

UPDATE: How about now?
Posted June 30 2016 - 23:12
*Brain Explodes*

Well.... that's a lot of reading for a Thursday afternoon..... ;)

I'd say If a clan member requests to have an acre (or whatever) reinforced by another clan members troops, the reinforcement troops guy would be responsible for travel costs, food & fuel - normal attack convoy stuff. But upon arrival to the acre the host clan member would be responsible to feed the new troops. Slight modifier per chance- troops get home sick and eat more?

Upon an attack of this newly clan reinforced acre the random number of casualties are reported with the visiting troops most hard hit (as I understand Pavlos_dog was saying) and all remaining defending troops return to their home towns and the owners would then be responsible to re-coop losses as one would following the loss of any acre.... Nobody owes anybody anything and it was just a risk that all parties silently agreed to once they clicked to send troops or requested assistance.

No IOU crap, just immediate results with the money being deducted following the dispatch of the troops and the arrival of them on the acre. If individuals wanted to sweeten the deal with incentives like food or payment for loss troops that could be organised using the trading system as it exists now and at the users discretion.

Posted July 01 2016 - 00:49
Just gotta take it in pieces, Kricket, like reading a book or the span of 10 years. I'll eventually get the Harry Potter series read, just not right now, Grandma.

I guess I was thinking in way of coding. Ronald already has:
Request for resources - make it a request for troops
Reinforce an Acre - Reinforce a town (That way code doesnt read as dual control over an acre)
Regular army attack needs - Needs transfer to requester
Battle Results - Normal Battle results

If he rehashed code, rather than made completely new codes, it might not take as long to get a very helpful and important aspect of the game done.
Coding can be a nightmare, with script errors and conflicts. This was working fine, but now that I added this, it make that not work because its in conflict with that and so on and so forth. By rehashing script, HOPEFULLY conflicts and errors dont happen as much and Ronald doesnt have to do 1 years worth of recoding.

But I know that looks like a lot. Some stuff can be taken out. Like the IOU at the end since you are in a clan and you guys should be friendly mother truckers.
BUT to also make this a non-overpowering move and super expensive to do, a lot of cost has to fall on the requester. But I guess that would be taken care of in the COST section where he takes out the loan on the army for a cheaper price, still have to pay for all that crap. It's a move to be done sparingly as pavlov said. Like when you have 10,000 soldiers head your way and you cant ambush them, you cant do anything to their home town and you only have 9,999 soldiers in your town.

Personally, I dont like the idea of my reinforcements that I sent you being on the front line of your acre. Either we go down together or you go down first. Guess a battle report is done in waves. Enemy Mortars, Your Mortars + My Mortars, Enemy Army, Your Army, Enemy Army, My Army. What is that 6 waves? IDK how battle reports work. Massive equation that spits out numbers.
Posted July 01 2016 - 13:18
I think the mercenary approach is too complicated... but casualties should be biased against the drafted troops... to deter overuse.

Also it may be easier to implement if you can only draw troops from one or two clan members at a time.
Posted July 01 2016 - 22:38
Guess you could just make it a clan only auction.

Requesting 2500 soldiers for 2,200,000 gold. (little over half)