Scavengers and raw goods

Posted January 08 2016 - 03:54
You should get a unit that is called the scavenger and has a special mission and they can find you vehicles, soldiers, etc.
Also you should add a raw good called water collection, and you will also need to add a spec ops to find water to make the game more realistic.
Posted January 08 2016 - 03:57
i agree with the scavenger except for the fact that you are not paying attention. Agents are the scavenger units with special missions.
Posted January 08 2016 - 03:59
The agents are not the most realistic of units to go out and search for supplies mostly they sound like they would be better at spying on people
Posted January 08 2016 - 04:02
Yes agents are the scavenger unit. I do and don't agree with the water. There are already so many resources in this game eventually your gonna lose track and plus it would just add another problem to everyone's problems. So essentially it should be in the game but it does not have a use anymore
Posted January 08 2016 - 04:04
No agents are an all around unit that does all the "odd jobs" it makes more sense to me and many others because of the length we have been playing this game.