The Most Popular Role Play On Outbreak Ever Dies!

Posted January 15 2016 - 18:31
As a many of us who were in Kansas one some year or so ago could tell there was a clan that ruled them all, a clan named The Only Wolves. They became so powerful that they owned every single acre on the map and held them for quite the time until the death of Lady Supresse, even then they reclaimed them.

To spark more flames all of the men of Kansas I and Kansas III met at a table in the Role Play sector of the Outbreak Forums and began the most popular Role play that has ever been on this site in well.... ever. This was the first and likely the last heated and creative role play to ever been typed here because it was an issue that most of the players, at the time, could relate to for it was of Tyranny.

We here would like to make sure that this historic role play on the site dies not in quiet, but in applause! Because not only does it die with the Wolves, not only does it die with those who lost a many of their acres, but it shall die in glory and honor.

Should any of you players like to see them here are links to them.

Our First And Most Popular:

Our Last And Least Popular:

Our Second:

Today we are also hosting the first Academy Role play Awards on who was the most valuable, creative, and interesting roleplayer in this Trilogy!

The Categories are....

Best character

Greatest Dialogue

Best Supporting character

Biggest Interruption

The Nominees are....






Begin casting your votes now in the comments and remember that you can only vote Four times, Once for each of the categories. No voting for yourself



Good luck!

Posted January 15 2016 - 18:33
Vote\ AntGrimes \ Greatest Dialogue

Vote\ rediniowa5 \ Biggest Interruption

Vote\ iwbtg9544 \ Best Supporting character

Vote\ AntGrimes \ Best character
Posted January 15 2016 - 18:40
Those are my votes.