Shit Clans In The Clan Forums: A Small Discussion of....

Posted January 23 2016 - 04:25
Hello, fellow Out-Breakers and I am here to complain about the lack of creativity in the clan forums and how there is a plethora of shit clan threads that have totally flooded the entire clan forum.

If you are planning on posting a thread in the clan forum to promote your clan at least be creative with it, be prepared on how your writing it, make sure it is proof read and edited to where there are practically no spelling or grammatical errors, and try and make it at most 300 to 1000 words (the equivalent to one or three pages if you were writing in Microsoft Word.) Have a great hook that will grab your readers/viewers attention to your clan and have good quality to it.

Also, create a good title to your thread because once its named its named and can NEVER be undone. The reason you want a good title as well is that instead of creating multiple threads for the same clan you can instead go to the bottom corner of your comment box and click EDIT and you can then edit your post as many times you want and you will NEVER have to create a new clan page again saving even more valuable space and not flooding the Clan Forums with shit posts.

Try to bold and underline key points in your posts on your clan thread as well, this will draw the readers attention to that point and will likely help them know more about what your domain stands for.

Have a picture representing your clan but never over do it and try not to have more than three (nudes or offensive terms, racial slurs, or other will get you banned.)

Key Points

- Good Title


Debate.Org Permanent Clan Thread

- Nice Picture(s)

- Good Hook

- 300 To 1000 Words

- Edit Your Post & Thread Rather Than Create A New Thread All The Time

- Proof Read And Edit all Grammatical Errors

- Make Quality Not Shit
Posted January 23 2016 - 04:46
I will Support this.
Posted January 23 2016 - 05:35
Thank you.