Posted February 05 2016 - 14:15
I attempted to post an auction that had a starting bid of $200 and no buyout (optional) and yet, to a very large surprise, I was met with a message "your buyout must be at least 35%"

If was optional, why do I have to do it?
Posted February 05 2016 - 15:14
You can have a Auction in k3
Posted February 05 2016 - 15:15
Yes, but you have to be level ten.
Posted February 05 2016 - 15:35
The buyout is optional. The message you got was wrong (and is fixed). It should stated the following: Your starting bid amount must be atleast 35% of your offer amount.
This means if you auction 1000 food, the minimum starting bid must be 350 wood (or another resource). Seems like your starting bid was too low and got the message that wrongly stated buyout instead of starting bid.

We've build in these restrictions so people can't auction 50000 for 10.

Posted February 05 2016 - 18:08
But that is how it should be!

If I want my starting bid to be 50$ for 130000 food, then that is MY choice, even if I get the bad end of the stick.

People will go crazy and start bidding in order to secure it specially if the price is right!

Say no to the restriction.
Posted February 05 2016 - 19:00
Creating auctions is a new feature, and as always we will monitor this and hear what players have to say. The restriction might change over time. On a certain level I agree with you, if you only get 50$ for 130000 food because you set the auction to be so, you get the bad end of the stick. The other side of this is that people can arrange an auction. If both are online and one creates an auction, you can basically 'trade' with the auctions. This goes against the trade regulation we have in place, where you can't trade with people lower than half your points. I am not a fan of restrictions, but if you do not set them, people will abuse it and we will get complains about how unfair it is.

But again, the auction feature is just new, we will see how it goes and change things to what we see fit. In the future we also want people to be able to auction poison, missiles, etc. Level 10 might not be the right level to gain access to the auctions. On higher levels the restriction is less of an issue. Would love to hear peoples opinion on this during the current round.
Posted February 05 2016 - 21:26
That sound good but why we dont have this in k2
Posted February 06 2016 - 00:07
Posted February 15 2016 - 08:27
I think the auction warning message needs more consideration. I tried to list 1000 stone for 1800 cash and receive the message. But my offer is reasonable and between the current buy/sell price.

According to the example. The offer would need to be at least 35% of the item for auction. It appears to exceed the bounds for auction range because the numbers aren't closer to one to one ratio.
Posted February 15 2016 - 22:54
You are right, the limit now is that your auction can't be higher than +35% on the amount you are selling, so it should say 135% of the amount your are selling. The message will be changed asap. I agree, your auction is reasonable. We build in the limit to avoid people selling a large amount for very little. But the limit should maybe only apply to higher amounts. We will reconsider this.
Posted February 15 2016 - 23:08
I the the reasonableness check should be indexed to the commodity price since that is always known and should have an impact on exchange rates for commodities. (Ie sell at one rate and sell at another).

Posted May 08 2016 - 02:35
Trade Restriction/Auction Restriction/Attacking Restriction - SO MANY RESTRICTIONS!

I'm new ish to this game and have been finding these "restrictions" as I come across them, annoying. These restrictions really ruin the game play, and not just for the market. I can understand some of the reasoning behind the restrictions such as the "attack 2/3rds below" (dont want big players greifing small players) and reading through mod statements here, for the market, your arguments seems valid to an extent.

So you dont want players abusing the auction system and not utilizing the trade system and it's restrictions. Giving huge amounts of supplies to a new town could possibly mark the signs of an alt account, which could mean an entire clan of one dude dominating Kansas in a matter of minutes. Fine. But this is supposed to be a post-apocalyptic world, with no law but your own, working together with other towns while fending for yourself. (Probably wrong about that since I dont like reading too much). Having ALL of these restrictions for this and that takes away from the gameplay and ultimately irritates the player into not wanting to play.

Besides if there is "cheating" via alts, isnt that what mods are for or a report system.

If you really are worried about auction abuse, make a level/point restriction rather than amount restriction. "Only Level 1-10 can enter this auction area" Then if I, at level 10, want to screw myself over with a shitty auction at least the mod and I know its going to a player between the levels of 1 and 10.

Also the buyout restriction is REALLY bad too. 2X your starting bid? Really. 1.25 maybe 1.50 max. 2X is pushing it, especially when I want to keep it just under fair market value. People dont want to buy it out when it's more than market value, unless they just dont know that the market is cheaper than the buyout. These two restrictions together can force you to make an impossible buyout price and wait 12 hrs for the price you wanted or a "fantastically" low bidding price with the buyout you wanted. Or you could end up like I did once and cant place the auction anywhere because my buyout was too big, and when adjusted my bid mark was too low or something to that extent (getting frustrated with all this math and selling it to government <- that should not happen in gameplay. Getting hella frustrated and coping out).

If I wanna mess with a big guy and enter into a war in which he then should be able to attack back, and smash my face in, until I wave the white flag, then I should be able to. I'm dumb and shouldnt attack the big guy with my pea shooter.

RECAP- may add additional solutions
--Restrictions are a needed portion to any game but so are mods. Prevents player-game abuse.
--Excessive restrictions take away from gameplay and make player uninterested in a game.
--Trading system is fine the way it is, outside of the clan. The work around that is join a clan, though.
--Auction Restrictions are excessive. Go to a leveled auction. Less worry of trade abuse then.
--Buyout needs to be lowered (or whatever price you want above your bid). 2X your starting bid is ridiculous when actively comparing to govern. market.
----With all these buying restrictions, there should be a "cancel button" on the auctions OR a reserve amount.
--ATTACKING: Baby butthead should be able to get his ass whooped for attacking Papa Bear. 1-3 clean sweeping attack of retaliation with a white flag option for the little guy. If I wanna get face palmed. I should be able to get face palmed, for a bit. If I have a stroke and attack a big guy, he should be able to apply 10cc of morphine directly to the forehead, for a while.

Let me know what you all think.