New Additions

Posted July 26 2015 - 20:37
A hydroelectric plant to provide a new source of power for towns.
The addition of military vehicles such as helicopters or Humvees.
A military airstrip that allows a reduced cost of storage for military vehicles.

These are just some ideas that are floating around my head.
Posted July 26 2015 - 20:54
we must not forget the context of post-apocalyptic games, I hope you take this into account when you propose ideas.
Posted July 27 2015 - 19:39
Well, we have refineries, quarries, biomass powerplants, casinos, working vehicles, etc. Why would it not make sense if we found working military vehicles or hydroelectric plants if we already have all of these?
Posted October 03 2015 - 23:17
These seem to fit more than most stuff we already have. (Casinos, Biomass etc.)
Posted October 06 2015 - 04:23
The Helio would have a speed bonus like the bikers, but there needs to be drawbacks.

-Choppas are loud and fly: Everyone can see them
-Choppas can be anywhere in one tick, but use 2x the fuel a ground convoy would take to get there.

The damn could be a Gov't property that gives power to the clan that holds it r something.

Dunno about the airstrip

NOTE: The game's premise is that Kansas is cut-off from the rest of the world by quarantine because a supervirus is dropping people like mayflies. Unless a facility (excluding nuke reactors) was without maintenance for 10-15+ years, it should be operable/fixable - especially if it was shut-down correctly before it was abandoned. The same cannot be said of vehicles, though. That said, the problem could be handwaved by having the Gov't operate it until a player gets ahold of it.