Unit upgrade

Posted February 09 2016 - 08:48
Like the city tech tree, each unit can have its own research line, with increasing benefit down the line. Also, few upgrades on units or equipment can be purchased from the government to make units more efficient. I'll give a small example using the Soldiers.

Let's start with the weapon line of the Soldier.
They'll start equipped with a semi-auto weapon, basic armor and no special tech.
Experience points only applicable for soldiers can be earned at the expense of Force Readiness. Once they have enough of it, a new weapon(lets say Full-Auto Assault rifles) can be researched. Now, this can bought from the government and issued to the soldiers currently hired. All further hiring in the future will cost additional money. Once equipped, it'll increase the attack value from the current default of 6 to 7. Then down the line it'll be heavy assault rifle, which'll increment the attack point to 8.

Same idea with the armor for defense, and special tech to increase the surprise bonus slightly and reduce deaths.

And other units (including bikers agents(while used to attack), cars, sentries, bunkers, basically everything that's used for combat...no point in trying to introduce civilian upgrades because there are already too many of them and anything else will be really absurd and interfere with the realism) can have their own upgrade lines.

This'll prevent really big armies from getting bigger, and it'll also help to change the current setting of the game. I feel this is sort of a trading card game with a bit randomness here and there...
Posted February 10 2016 - 15:43
I agree and think we should expand the research option on troops. Giving more diversity to the different armies :)
Posted February 11 2016 - 00:41
The current system isn't that difficult, the outcome can be predicted using a spreadsheet, and its exploited by those who can get more troops than resources. Real challenge will come in when there's no indication of the strength of the enemy...just their numbers. You never know when a smallish army of 50 can give your upgrade-less troops of 200 a massacre defeat. Or a slight bluff by posting a really small number without upgrades in a strategic location, and the attacker runs away because they think its trouble ;)