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Posted February 11 2016 - 17:49
There have been a series of problems in the clan forums on PRIVATE threads where people have been posting in them and they are entirely off topic so much as to having meme wars in threads created for clans.

Amadeus15 has been the larger troll and a person who has been expanding this problem and has been asked a multiple of times to stop posting in the UKSR thread and the NATO thread and has continually ignored the request.

I ask, no, I demand that the creators of threads be given the God given right to Moderate and maintain their own threads, to delete unwanted posts, and to further have content that is both creative, appropriate, on topic, and as always, giving the player the power.

I've asked for this before, my request was ignored, and I can only ask that you actually implement this simple feature to the forum so that these trolls are not a nuisance any longer, as they are becoming an even larger problem in all forums and threads.

Thank you.
Posted February 11 2016 - 18:00
Wow It Got YOu Like That lol.. Im make another forum so they wont spam your shit lol
Posted February 11 2016 - 18:09
You two are trolls and need to be stopped and I just think we, as the creators of the thread, have the right to do what we want with it since it is what we created. Including deleting your posts form OUR thread.
Posted February 11 2016 - 18:17
i under stand but last time i know i never post meme on your post ... i could post meme if i want 2 on ur forum but i dont want to (for now)
Posted February 11 2016 - 18:21
Posted February 11 2016 - 18:52
@RimC99: Your previous request was not ignored, but not picked up yet. Changing the forum is on our list now, and your request is certainly on it. I know it sounds like a simple feature, but there is more to it. The idea of giving the creator control over a thread is not something we want. A thread is there for everyone to post their ideas, opinions and whatever. If the creator of a thread sees a post he don't like, he can simply delete it. Some can't handle criticism, other opinions or can steer the thread the way they want it. So control over every thread someone creates, no. That being said, I do see the value of allowing control over a thread when created in the clan section of the forum. Clans tend to exist over several rounds, and changing this or cleaning it up keeps this section clean and more usable for clans. Therefor I will look into your request for clan threads only.
Posted February 11 2016 - 18:57
I only want it for the Clan section, mostly because that is the Forum that I am most commonly in, and I always reuse my thread.

I just hate how people are posting useless posts in my thread for my clan and not following the set rules for the topic.
Posted February 11 2016 - 19:05
If a game tries to be a bit nice to its users...we get to see this blasphemy. Already enough editing powers exist and now ya all want to usurp the power to control a thread ?
Trolls can be flagged to be verified by moderators and then they can be "asked" to stop, not forced to. Moderators can't be trusted with the power of barring trolls. The trouble is if you don't like something and a person presses her/his views, its called trolling. So even a completely logical post can become a troll post around the right(wrong?) people.
And as far as the meme war, it was completely legit (and on topic although unnecessary and pointless) since you all wanted to get a bit creative. There is a provision to paste photos, someone is going to use it instead of going Capslock...

And if you want a bit privacy, ask moderators to silence a frequent annoyance on that particular thread...
Posted February 11 2016 - 19:13
@Vorsalk you got some good point
Posted February 11 2016 - 19:14
Your logical fallacy is futile, and quite amusing.

However, this feature would be a necessary feature in the clan forum so to have the ability to reuse a thread as often as you, the player, may like.

Should this be added in other forums then it would be abused and taken as a way to twist facts on other persons and opinions and make it in the said persons favor which would unfair to the other persons that play the game.

There are no reasons to flag a moderator about simple problems in the Clan Forum so long as the creator of the thread has the abilities to moderate their own creative works without it being dictated by warmongering simpletons.

If it belongs to the creator it should be dictated by the creator.
Posted February 11 2016 - 19:25
There we go again.
Moderators are there to do this kind of stuff. Its their first and only job. Ronald and Perry aren't marked "Admin" because they don't want to be seen as the cold distant developers(I guess :/ They seem like they maintain the site, so I guessed they are running this).
And there isn't a system of private start one people are going to post on it, good things or crap; you can't stop them.
And the thread doesn't belong to the creator, unless its a private one which we don't have.

EDIT : I'm afraid my opinions are exactly what Perry said in a previous post in this thread...although I still don't support deleting feature anywhere(not just Clan forum)
Posted February 11 2016 - 20:02
My point still stands as your rebuttal to this argument is none.
Posted February 11 2016 - 20:07

*"doesn't" didn't apply to this context :S

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