Mid to late game suggestions

Posted July 27 2015 - 01:17
Myself and another party were talking over the in-game mail system and while talking I had two ideas for improving the game that I think aren't half bad. I won't say there aren't problems with my suggestions as they stand but maybe they could spark debate and lead to actual game changes. Both ideas deal with in game events to keep things moving and evolving in new and interesting ways throughout the mid game and late game.

My first suggestion deals with the mid game and the first situation where the whole state(kansas) could work together. Bandits lose their fear factor pretty quickly once you have a half descent army, but what if when the bandits are on the back foot they band up together and form a bandit warband/roaming bandit camp somewhere on the map. The fairground could give the warning "Rumours state a large warband of raiders are forming somewhere nearby." or something like that and make a new fairground special ops mission to "locate the warband". It could be a sort of global ops in the way just one search won't do it but a large number of people filling up an op bar with repeated completion of the mission. When the bar is filled the fairground posts the location on the front page and the bandit camp shows up on the map. The idea would be setting up a huge joint attack to take it down, anyone who participates gets some of the reward, how you want to divide it up maybe hard to figure out but I'm sure there is a fair way.

As for my idea about a late game event for players it's very similar in theory to the bandit warband but taken the next logical step. Would it really be so hard to believe that Kansas wasn't the only one that made it through the apocalypse? What I'm suggesting is that some neighbour state or even one that has been pillaging its way across America until it finds you. When it does a full scale invasion begins on Kansas and it's citizens will have to fight them off. They could come from any direction of the map and would spawn new acre-like plots of land and citadels and any number of new things as the invasion progresses. New fairground missions to combat the invaders and maybe even reduced costs for certain resources available at the fairground. And should the brave citizens of Kansas prevail then in the last few weeks we could counter attack and push them out whilst breaking their infrastructure one way or another. This event would be heavily clan based and tight relations between guilds could mean the difference between ultimate victory or crushing defeat.
Posted July 27 2015 - 04:08
I like both above ideas!!
It then made me think "hang on..." what if that neighbouring state wasn't AI.
In other words this game has 2 maps (or more) active at the same time and then mid game both maps merge!
Then the high level players will have other high level players and new clans, suddenly on their door steps. And obviously all the acres will be fought over!
So just to make the idea clear, everything you have merges onto a combined map with you when the two maps merge.
Imagine the Mayhem! lol
Posted July 27 2015 - 04:30
Not a bad idea, if we can think up enough late game events the more we can be kept on our toes. No reason to make the game to predictable by having the same scripted events each round, we could mix it up between rounds with different late game events. Maybe even make a sort of mid round contest to think up new events for coming rounds, I don't know what sort of "prize" you'd get if you "won" but I'm sure something could be figured out.
Posted July 27 2015 - 22:04
Great suggestions also have been spinning around in the dev team sessions quite some time now :)

I think the lack of end game content is the biggest issue we face at this moment (together with a good responsive design).

If we only could spend some time in a 'Hyperbolic Time Chamber' we could do some serieous coding with only taking off one day ;)