Money and Casino questions

Posted February 26 2016 - 23:12
I want to build things that will make some more money. The only thing that seems to directly generate money is people and casinos. The guide says this about Casinos:

Casino, available from level 19. Generates 0.7 cash per civillian a week and needs power to operate. Each casino can maximum serve 500 people. Empty casinos still need power to operate but don't generate cash.

If I have 500 people and build 1 casino, I will generate 350 per tick (500 x .7 = 350). To clarify, does this mean if I build a second casino but still have only 500 people I will still generate 350 per tick or does it double to 700? Do I generate more cash if I build more casinos but have the same population?


PS: It looks like there is a spelling error in the above text - civilian has an extra "l".

Posted February 26 2016 - 23:18
if you have 500 population you need 1 casino if you have 1000 population you need 2 casino's so get 1 casino per 500 population and your good also gold mine acres can generate cash also