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Posted March 02 2016 - 02:35
How about you all just be quiet? I think the troops are a good idea. There are some that I think might be good to add, but eh, I need to put more thought into them
Posted March 02 2016 - 03:10
more troops are a good idea, but his way of explaining them, well not really explaining at all was quite bad.
Posted March 02 2016 - 03:49
But what about My idea

Posted March 05 2016 - 20:32
Just more unit types don't make sense.
You need more special abilities to bring some depth.

Right now we have:

Pro - Lower Upkeep per Unit
Con - Very weak

My summary:
Militia is useless. I never bought any of them. I only get them by accident. The low upkeep is the only reason i do not fire them immediately.

Ideas for change/research:
- Further reduce the Upkeep
- Some Militia who survives a battle get promoted to Police/Agent/Soldier (depending on Tech level 6)
- You can recruit Militia out of your population (you loose population but get Militia units)

Pro - With Upgrade solid defender
Con - Weak

My summary:
I never bought any of them except for the mission. They might be useful with the research. But i have to research more important things.

Ideas for change/research:
- Reduce the Upkeep
- Make the Homeland security research faster
- Some Policemen who survives a battle get promoted to Soldier

Pro - Can do OPs, can upgrade offense skill
Con - Nothing

My summary:
Very useful. I like them. I don't think they need changes.

Pro - Need no vehicles, very fast, can dodge Mortars
Con - Need a building every 50 units, no upgrades

My summary:
Very fast. Very useful.

Ideas for change/research:
- They should get an attack skill of 6 but can be upgraded two times.

Pro - Can upgrade defense skill
Con - Nothing

My summary:
Very useful. I like them. I don't think they need changes.

Pro - Artillery
Con - Slow, Expensive

My summary:
They make you slow und ruin the element of surprise. They destroy the things you want to capture. Also there is a cheap building to counter them. And in defense they are useless against the main attacking unit Biker.

Ideas for change/research:
- Make them faster (see ideas for new vehicles)
- Make them hit what you want (Checkbox in attack screen: aim for units, aim for military buildings, aim for civilian buildings)

Ideas for new vehicles:

Pickup: A fast offensive vehicle
They are more expensive than the normal vehicles. The Pickup have mounted a machine gun. That gives some attack skill (Lets say 15). It also can carry 10 units. They can not carry mortars.
Convoys solely with Pickups are at least one week faster than convoys with Vehicles.

Heavy vehicle: A powerful and armored vehicle
They are more expensive than the normal vehicles. They need more fuel. But they make a convoy immune to ambush and can carry Mortars with the normal speed.

Ideas for new units:

Ranger: Trained offensive soldiers
They are the offensive counterpart of soldiers. Attack skill 8, denfense skill 6 with two offensive upgrades for research. They need a special building Ranger School every 50 units.
When you attack solely with Rangers you need only half the Force Readiness.
Posted March 05 2016 - 21:18
Some interesting ideas here. Thanks for the inspiration! Today we discussed unit upgrades with the team. The way we want to do it is somewhat in the line of what Twisted-Hair posted. We will not introduce new units for now, but we will make special abilities to bring some depth. Since it is still in concept, I will not go in detail for this. But for example, we want players to choose certain specializations for troops. In case of an agent you could train these to be more effective in battle or more effective in special operations.

I love the idea of promoting certain units who survived a battle. We will certainly look at this option!
Posted March 09 2016 - 13:09
I would like to see commandos added.You could olny hire 50.Comandos would be like upgraded agents.They could have thear sepecel operations.For example assult army garrison.It would do like mini battle.IF you score massacer victory enemy would olny get wath troops it lost.Major victory would give scores and casualtys of both sided.And if you ger minor victory enemy would be notified that it was you that atacked.Camndos could be use in battle attack and defenca is 10.Motir protection and deafth ratio is lowe while kill ratio is higth
Posted March 12 2016 - 03:52
The idea of the unit("Commando") is good, but the use proposed is ludicrous.
There is no logic in capping unit numbers.
"Assault Army Garrison" is already present : "Ambush Patrols"
A defense 10 unit is unnecessary repetition because soldiers have it(you have to be level 36 and research to upgrade them). All attributes like mortar protection and K/D ratio is already in soldiers. On the top of those facts they are advanced/upgraded Agents so they can be used for town operations too...making Agents and Soldiers substitutable like the Militia.
It's absurd to attack with a particular kind of troop by special operations because troops can't be teleported at an moment's notice.

This makes them a huge overkill, completely offsetting the balance. Such overpowered(O.P.) units are rather irritating and annoying for the defending players.

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