Map page enhancement ideas

Posted March 03 2016 - 00:25
I find the map page to be less than clear. It takes a long time and a lot of mouse work to find towns/acres/etc that meet a certain criteria. I suggest a simple set of choosers at the top to select a range of points or levels so I can see who is eligible for attack or a toggle switch to show who is in the point range that I can attack (2/3 of my current points). Without this, I have to hover the mouse cursor over each dot to see what the points and level are - this is a pita for no good reason that I can think of.
Posted March 04 2016 - 02:39
Regarding to your immediate problem, there's already a simpler system for it, the "RANKINGS" page. There you can see players around you that can be attacked. Although there's a slight annoyance of guessing the protection rules when you stray too far down the list, but it isn't a terrible problem. There's no need for incorporating the whole data into the map when its already in it separate page in a more manageable and easier form.

However, rest assured, there are plans to make the map a bit more interactive and agreeable :)