Kannibalz - The story

Posted March 16 2016 - 19:43

Somewhere in Kansas, an old man is telling a younger one about Kannibalz. " - After the fall, people turned to evil when they saw that god has forsaken them. They began to starve and things became worst with the arrival of the second winter. Groups began to form, among them, mostly bandits and poor peoples with nothing. But they were refused in all towns. Until the day that one man decided to change it all. He first created a brotherhood for those bandits and rats. Wich shouldn't be seen as a "gang" but more like a clan. They managed to avenge themselves. Attacking people, robbing and killing them. And when the third winter came, they were still starving. They had to eat. Cannibalism was born this way. They even called themselves "Kannibalz". Once at night, at the horizon, we saw the hills burn and heard strange singings. "