Iwbtg, ClubSquirrel, NATO, and other honorable mentions.

Posted March 18 2016 - 22:02
It has been quite a long time since I have posted on this thread, in fact, I've not thought of it in what seems a decade of invaluable waste of time.

I am here to pay tribute to one of the most loyal and greatest players that have ever been on this site and how they have contributed so greatly in the creativity and very aspect of intrigue in the Outbreak with their Towns, Clans, and personality.

United_States, LincolnBurg, clubasquirrel

What can I say about this man? That he is one of the most loyal, peaceful, and gay individuals I have ever known to play a game of strategies and thought, that he can wipe out armies of failure with his charm and his smile. I've truly grown accustomed to his joys, his woes, his highs, his lows, and the very trace of his presence when he enters a room or, rather, a Kansas.

When he created N.A.T.O, a clan that was meant to go and succeed through peace, I truly found him and everyone who supported it to be a joke. There was so much ridicule and controversy surrounding N.A.T.O in the beginning that I was thoroughly convinced that it would decay, shrivel, and die within a month, and yet it did not. In fact it outlived and surpassed all of its rival clans and allies and became first or second in every Kansas it was in, even going as far as defeating the wicked U.K.S.R.

He was so loyal, he allowed an alliance with the U.K.S.R and other clans even when he was faced with betrayal from them.

Clubasquirrel, we honor you!

rediniowa5, The_Council

Now here is a man that was loyal to a cause! The_Council always chose one clan to be with, and one clan to remain loyal to and that clan was N.A.T.O.

There really is not too much to say about him really, other than he is the only guy that really thought that peace can be accomplished by weakness rather than strength and that strength, when confronted by love, shall always be flawed.

Rediniowa5, we honor you!

iwbtg9544, ferook

Former leader of the greatest clan to ever been created in the-outbreak history and one of its only surviving members to be playing in the year 2016 I can officially say that it this man has accomplished a plethora of things that are forgotten by newer players, that he and and the forgotten clan owned the entire map and was surrounded in controversy more so than N.A.T.O but with this clan there is a difference, they could defend themselves.

The Clan I am referring to is The Only Wolves, a clan that owned every acre in Kansas, survived in one round, and had a goal of making sure that every town that was not their ally would fall.

Ferook, was a brilliant leader. In times of doubt he would consult his advisers such as Angelica_Death, and make sure that he would come to be victorious in times of defeat.

To cope with the ignorance and annoyance of people demanding acres from the Clan T.O.W Ferook created yet another revolutionary topic on the-outbreak; The tyrany of the wolves Role-play. This was the most popular role-play ever seen on the out-break and likely will be the last of its kind. In recent times it has been flooded with a great amount of people that were never even in the times of T.O.W, therefore, they have strayed away from its intended topic.

iwbtg9544, we honor you!

Posted March 19 2016 - 03:40
ummm, i guess atta boy to them

but i gotta confess i was never in t.o.w and don't remember ever advising anyone in it.. I gotta say i don't mind being mentioned in such a glowing praise post any tho, even if it is for something i didn't do in a clan i was never in, lol :-p
Posted March 21 2016 - 16:21
Well...I guess i should say thank you...The way i was defined defiantly made me seem great,And it's nice to feel like this...Thank you for making this.
Posted March 21 2016 - 16:57
You're welcome.

Though, we should be honest and tell everyone that your clan was evil.... and the greatest ever seen.
Posted March 23 2016 - 23:33
Such a thrilling story,From my point of veiw we were the oppiste of evil

The wolves were people who could achieve power,Unlike the rest we took all the strongest from around the area and those with a purpose,These people broke the boundaries of alliances and did what was right in the time.

By taking all these acres we took all the heat from the other clans,This is what created the 'LYNCH EM ALL'.We saved the rest of the clans from battle by taking the heat ourselves,The way i see it,It was tough love,But still love.

We protected you from yourselves and stopped you from destroying each other,This was the true goal of the wolves.We were the sacrificial lambs for your lives, WE SACRIFICED OUR GOOD NAMES TO MAKE THE WORLD A SAFE PLACE FOR ALL OF YOU.
Posted March 24 2016 - 16:42
What a boring story, in my point of view, you just copy and pasted from the other page!

You and I are on the same page when we say that what you did was for the greater good, however, the more weaker towns thought that you were evil.
Posted March 24 2016 - 16:49
XD,Ik i didn't feel like retyping my point of veiw.
And atleast someone understands.
Posted March 27 2016 - 18:50
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Still like this Post.