History of NATO

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Posted March 19 2016 - 18:16
Welcome to the Page which Tell some of the History of NATO

First Starting - When NATO was first conceived of, I was named LincolnBurg, in Kansas 1. It has been my First Turn playing this game. I was right next to someone but I can't remember their name. After much thought I decide to make a Clan, in which Everyone would be brought together by the simple love of Peace. I invited this person next to me, then later some others. You can see very early NATO Clan Pages up in the Clan Forums, When I first made these i was very inexperienced, and Didn't realize really what they were, so.. Yeah... Besides that point, NATO grew extremely fast, on the First Day ranking in Low, on the Second Day being in almost 4th place, Then around the 9th day we were already in 4th, getting close to 3rd. We made it into 2nd that round, but lost it quite quickly staying in 3rd. But later that round, an evil clan by the name of TOW (The Only Wolves) Took every single acre. So I decided to leave, and most if not all the remaining NATO members joined me in the Kansas 3 Quickround, where we were the Number 1 Clan at the end. Our "Ally" UKSR, were very friendly, but came up with an End Game plan, to take over everything and everyone they could have, Thankfully they never put this into effect, as one of their members had leaked the information to me. This was NATO's starting, we were powerful, but not the strongest. We always endorsed Peace in Kansas. But Inevitably War was around the Corner, in the "Mid Game".

Middle of it All - Where do I start this, NATO's 3rd round was probably the best, funnest. This round was intense of the start, with everyone going for the top, of course anyone participating in Kansas 2 that round will have known that the clan of Enlightened ruled the scores and had the best players. Near the start of the UKSR/NATO alliance was a quick choice, as in the Rounds before this we were allies too. There was a Clan by the name of "The_Uninvited", we had mostly "Hostile" relations from the start, I didn't trust their leader, Anonymous one bit and was actually quite against them, enough about them, Lets talk about Enlightened, they rules most things, with almost every acre owned by them, NATO was on the highest alert possible, of course this proved pointless as their armies were just too large for anything NATO had, but NATO did anything but give up, we Fought for the common right of a Kansas inhabitant, Security. Through all this fighting, Bloodshed, Money spending and acre grabbing and losing, I noticed the Uninvited clan once again, and after contacting Anonymous about a future alliance, I got a quick response saying Yes, I still didn't fully trust them but later in this game they proved invaluable, and the UKSR/McComb had to do something near the beginning of the Game, so he was gone along with UKSR for the majority of that game. NATO knew we couldn't do much and after standing up to the most powerful clan in the game we knew we would fair so well either. This is where NightThriller comes into things, I decided once to infiltrate Razor, this didn't go to well and my agent died, and Razor didn't take it well, soon a "War" broke out (Lasting War), not a single battle was fought, in the Fourth and Final round NATO participated in, Razor was a good ally in the End of it all. NATO did quite well this round, coming in Second. So far NATO had not beed any lower then 3rd in rankings, and we didn't plan on losing this ranking any time soon...

The End, and a New Beginning - I can't quite remember when NATO dissolved, but I think it was Mid 3rd Round or Early round 4, NATO, a once great clan fell, not due to outside sources but from the inside. I lost the will to continue playing. I did enjoy this game quite a lot and being able to have a clan in which expressed some of my personal views and the views of many within the clan and outside of it, was truly an amazing thing. If you were there, the ending to NATO was quite abrupt, it just, Happened. I said with great remorse that NATO was being disbanded and would not move forth in the ever changing Kansas, many people said their byes'. I will say it now, I highly regret leaving this game, as things have changed a lot since I last played. Myself and NATO (to a certain extent) have recently tried to come back, but with nothing to show. Every attempt to revive NATO has fallen almost before it began. I will blame myself mostly, but I simply don't know why NATO isn't working anything like it did before. NATO has changed little from it's original starting in Kansas 1, we still promote peace.
I hope you enjoyed the last iteration of the History of NATO, I enjoyed making it. (Sorry for the overall lack of content in it, its been a long time since I last played)

Posted March 20 2016 - 10:16
waiting part 3 with anticipation
Posted March 20 2016 - 14:36
Where am I in the story
Posted March 20 2016 - 15:07
You were taken out because you are a 'bad team player'. I am not in it either, nor is the war between my clan when we were enemies
Posted March 20 2016 - 19:45
Oh, if he were to say everything between his and I's clan then I would probably take up IV, V, and VI.

If you do not mind answering, what laws do you disagree with in our constitution? I also would like to ask why, through all the times I attempted to overthrow your rule and eliminate your clan, tried to attack you.... attacked you and your people, you decided to remain my ally.
Posted March 21 2016 - 16:32
Such a thrilling story,But i must admit from my point of view in the first round.It was my first as well and the wolves were DEFIANTLY not evil.

The wolves were people who could achieve power,Unlike the rest we took all the strongest from around the area and those with a purpose,These people broke the boundaries of alliances and did what was right in the time.

By taking all these acres we took all the heat from the other clans,This is what created the 'LYNCH EM ALL'.We saved the rest of the clans from battle by taking the heat ourselves,The way i see it,It was tough love,But still love.

We protected you from yourselves and stopped you from destroying each other,This was the true goal of the wolves.We were the sacrificial lambs for your lives, WE SACRIFICED OUR GOOD NAMES TO MAKE THE WORLD A SAFE PLACE FOR ALL OF YOU.

Posted March 21 2016 - 16:59
Okay... Hitler.... fucking Jew....
Posted March 22 2016 - 09:34
You were considered "Evil" by probably most People, because you Owned everyone and Everyone.
Posted March 22 2016 - 09:41
McComb, Please let me re-say that, It's not that I disagree with your Rules but that I feel like You don't have enough policies in which to prevent a conflict, I mean you have some Policies in place like Negotiation, and things along those lines. I understand that NATO was kinda almost too far towards Peace and also understand that You would prefer Peace over War, don't get me wrong, Simply that more Policies could be emplaced, Kinda like NATO's, but I'm not gonna say them all sense there were so many. This is an Opinion, and NOT something in which you saying you SHOULD do, against just my opinion on the Matter.
Posted March 22 2016 - 09:44
Please Read, Important! - Would you guys like to see me next round? I'm simply asking because I have been told many times by many people that I should "Rejoin", I Feel mixed on it and would like to know from you, the People of Kansas on my returning or staying out, Thanks. (I would join KANSAS 3).
Posted March 22 2016 - 21:44
Yes, I would love you back.

Posted March 23 2016 - 00:30
Oh Jeez
Posted March 23 2016 - 01:00
I was joking around...

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