The Return...

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Well this is soooo uneventful...
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David walks towards the capital, aged and decayed- as much as the fellow officials were as well, wondering what could be left of this former army and people that he, in some time or another, communicated, negotiated, and spoke with long ago.

*Pit, pat*

*Pit, pat*

He and his cane slam upon the once elegant stairs, both inching their way to the anteroom and then the Grand Lobby. This place of which David visits is a place that is not too distant nor too near for it is, in fact, a place that has never existed and is instead a sort of memory that lays not in the world in which you and I see but is instead only in the minds that witnessed it.

The old man walks in, hanging his Long Coat and Cane at the door. The likes of which he shall never do again. He does, however, remove a small object from his Coat and place it in his pocket.

"Time has not treated you well my beauty." says the old man, staring with intent at the bullet ridden wall "I remember when I would come here, I was quite young then of course, and I would dream of one day creating and restoring a Republic that of which would never be ruined nor eradicated, dis-populated, nor disapproved, eliminated, nor assimilated for we were to rule the world by slowly eradicating them instead.... but alas.... this was not to be."

The old man, now devastated by his revelation and idealistic,rather, philosophic confrontation with the past, walks through the crumbling and tattered building and into the foyer of the fallen. As he enters the foyer, he passes the emblem of the former party on which this capital stood of which was carved into the Grand entry halls floor; the Wolves.

"What an interesting display this room once held.... the people that are here... were here."

"You pitiful man! Eighty-Eight years of age and still as pathetic as you were many a years ago. Don't move a damned muscle!"

"What, what?!?"

No, could it be? This man was thought to be dead for some twenty years. Executed once the Government had taken a hold of the last check post at which this man, the Dictator, was kept and maintained shortly after the invasion and capturing of the capital. The leader of TOW could be behind him now. Should this be him, it is a final ways a way from accomplishing what the old man, David, had set out to do in the first place; **** ***!

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-Ferric stared down the old man,He held his to the nape of his neck,Letting the cool metal be felt-

"You had better tell me your reasoning for being coming back on these ground before i blow your head off..."

-Anger surged through him as he believed he was staring down one of his fathers executers,His finger grew tighter on the trigger-

"You have 30 seconds before i throw shoot and throw you to the rats..."-he said through gritted teeth-

-There was a click as he disengaged the safety-
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There the old man and his captor stand. The captor, staring intensely preparing to pull the trigger which would evidently lead to the instantaneous death of David and David, quickly preparing a rather momentous thought that could either end in an event of the utmost of prevalence or in an untimely fate.

David, still thinking, turns to move in a subtle manner to his left in order to see to whom is ordering him to say what could be his final words.

That is when David saw him, the son of the former King, the ruler, the Christ; Ferric. Not more than Sixteen years old, with a large gap between his eyes. He had long brown, quite muddy hair that seemed groomed and a 22. rifle aimed from the waste, must not know how to use a firearm yet. The one thing that would make sure wto forever keep him a ladies wooer, his light blue eyes, seemed to have lost its glare and light after years of terror of being in poverty. There was a promising future for Ferric before Ferooks removal from the Presidency and his disappearance, in fact, it was thought that Ferric would have become the next great ruler should history not have taken a toll on the Empire and the foundation to which it stood. Once the rebels disassembled the thrown and stripped the family of all acting powers, Ferric had almost felt that his life, his destiny, had been stolen from him.

"Don't make get to zero ya' filthy Rebel!" Ferric growls.

"Now you see here young man", begins David "I was one of your fathers most loyal of subjects and was, if to be put in a philosophic perspective, his mentor and Confucius. I am just an ordinary man, of no eccentric whim! The sort who never could, ever would, let an insulting remark escape his lips. Just an ordinary man. Must I say that your father, wherever he may be or whomever he be with, is most definitely in better hands. From what I heard, he made his way to the Rocky Mountains before the Rebels got to his Plane."

"But who the hell are you, old man!" says Ferric, inching his finger even closer to the trigger mechanism of the gun.

"Do you mean to say that you don't remember me?" the old man retorts "You needn't reply, it's not surprising you don't for you were just a boy when I departed the North in order to spread my Communist Ideals throughout the southern and eastern districts of Kansas. Though, allow me to explain to you who I am. I am David, the current leader of the Union of Kansas Socialist Republics and chancellor of McComb. Does this help jog your memory, it should be in the archives of the Orders history." the elder explains.

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*he looked at the man suspiciously,he took this into account and thought it was definitely possible but he saw no way that an 88-year old man would need to come here*

"Alright fine,"*he used the shoulder strap on his weapon*"What are you doing here David?Cause' if your looking for my father he is gone,Or dead,I don't really know.I saw a man executed when they took over but his eyes were brown,Not blue"

*He backed up a little bit,Avoiding the larger bits of rubble that surrounded them*

"If your looking for cash you wont find much,Just some from a leftover project that would've produced cash,Sadly never finished.If your looking for stone"*he kicked one of the many,Many,MANY pieces of stone around once great building*"Well...You get the gist"

*He let out an exhausted sigh*He grew up here and learned many things from the only other person to ever come here,But he would not talk about her to a total stranger.

"I've been the only one here for about 5 years without a single human contact.But do tell,Why are you here?"
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-he reached into his pocket and pulled out one of the few remaining packs of cigarette to his face-
-he pulled out a lighter and lit one-
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