Posted April 08 2016 - 19:42
2016-03-29: Your town finished at place 16 RazorBackSlasher=Best Overall But The round was a stale mate, NIGHTTHILLER Merge with Some of NATO AND THE Uninvited
This was also the quickest i seen the market crash, But At the end of all of it We managing as the Uninvited To stand Up against MCC 235

2016-01-27: Your town finished at place 26 RazorBackSlasher=Was going solo for a little bit, then Started up NightThiller which came in 4th, but had got in beef with NATO (Mainly UNITED STATE AND MASFAR) = Only lost One battle And i had a good relation with my clan and also i was able to Drop my arch enemy(Masfar) In rank with a JOINT ATTACK

2015-11-30: Your town finished at place 23 RazorBackSlasher= Pretty laid back in this round But eventually Fell back to my old ways and i had also destroy 6 town just cause I had To defend my self and also to keep my town from going poor

2015-07-29: Your town finished at place 21 TheTownthatstand=So much violent in this round and so much fun But had to retire Name cause I had over 5 mill-7mill in bounty

2015-05-30: Your town finished at place 148 TheTownthatstand= Join Late

If u want to post your past Rank and a quick memoir please do and also dont forgot about putting the town name next to the rank