Change the red convoys to another colour?

Posted May 12 2016 - 05:28
Not to brag or anything but I'm having problems differentiating the red convoys on the map from all my enemy towns and acres. May I suggest changing the colour of the attack and reinforcement convoys to something else for better contrast?

Posted May 14 2016 - 02:32
Your attacking probably should still be a red color but like a darker red.

But reinforcements should definitely be a different color altogether.
Posted May 14 2016 - 19:18
Is mild colour blindness really something to brag about?
Posted May 14 2016 - 22:13
Well if it's mild....

Posted May 21 2016 - 05:27
Well I did a Facebook test once and it said I was eagle-eyed so you know I believe it. No longer do I need to be burdened by going to an eye doctor once every decade! Yay! Plus females are far less likely to inherit color blindness so that is not the problem. But surely there are more colors in the rainbow than green, lime green, purplish-pink-so-probably-magenta pink, red, darker-but-really-not-indistinguishable-red, whitish-grey, lighter-than-the-other blue and the-other-blue?

It's really not as huge a deal to me anymore than it was back when I posted this. I have become one with the red....

Posted May 21 2016 - 08:24
We could have a option where you can change the color to anything you want but it a minor issue so it not they main concern
Posted May 21 2016 - 17:08
Sometimes it would be nice to keep track of different players without declaring them enemies

also sometime there are alliances you want to keep and those of conveniece... a few colurs would be good.. if it were easy to implement
Posted May 21 2016 - 20:21
You Could do a NAP
Posted May 21 2016 - 20:21
You Could do a NAP
Posted May 21 2016 - 20:37
What colour are NAP's on the map?
Posted May 22 2016 - 01:54
Orange yellow
Posted May 22 2016 - 05:27
Like a yellowish-orange? Or more an orangy-yellow? God I'm bored....

Is the colour the only advantage to having a NAP on the map with somebody?
Posted May 22 2016 - 09:11
Or U could have a alliance with them if you trust them and if u planing to work together, I Just Use NAP ( Not a Problem) to people that not a threat or People that i want to Raid for later.

P.S NAP Color= Orange-yellow
Alliance= Green
CLan= Purple

There Should be a option where u can just HighLight a Player town that not at War or your clan member with any color u want to keep track of them