Restrictions KILL This Game - General Rant and Raving About This Game

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Posted May 13 2016 - 00:49
So Pissed Right Now (RANT)
This is going to be a pretty general rant of all the things I've seen in this game. And why Im probably not going to play it anymore.

Edit: 5/13/2016 6:30PM EST

A level 36 (340750 points) is getting attacked by a level 16 (5370) points and I cant do jack back (possibly until he finishes his attack or not). Are you kidding me right now? This is a joke right? Seriously? I'm done with this game.

Are. You. Kidding. Me? You guys have restrictions on EVERYTHING or at least it seems like it. There is only so much a player can take with restrictions like this.Ridiculous. Pure Nonsense. You guys need to stop with all these restrictions. It dumb. Just stop. Your making people want to leave. Youre making them CHEAT.
All. Of. These. Restricts. Are. KILLING. This. Game.
And it starts with this

1. Attacking System

I have posted this as a side note in a different forum. Seen here:
(I was calmer then than I am now).

Direct from you guide (with my highlights):
When there is a town annoys you or is just filthy rich, you can decide to attack. By sending in your army you will loot the town depending on the outcome of the battle.

To keep the game more fair for new or smaller players, there are some protection rules:

- Towns of level 11 and lower have a 200 weeks 'No rush' protection.
- You cannot attack players which have less than 2/3rd of your points. To calculate if you can attack a lower town: your points * 0.6666
- Our troops do not dare to attack a player with 1/3rd more then our points. To calculate if you can attack a higher town: your points * 1.3333

I understand the whole protect the newbies thing, every game has it.
But that's was timed protection is for.
And I guess thats what the 2/3rds thing is for. (IT SHOULD BE 1/3rd to 1/3rd) <--- Saw getting changed next round.

I could live with this IF it was implemented PROPERLY. And by saying this, you can tell that I don't think it is.

This 2/3rds to 1/3rd thing is just wrong nor is it used properly.
APPARENTLY this rule doesnt apply to already owned ACRES. --- If you own an acre, it raises your points and hence should be covered in this 2/3rd to 1/3rd protection. Well it's not. That means a player less than 2/3rds your points can attack and possibly take one of your acres. Even if he doesnt take your acre, he can do damage to the acre and the troops there (Still a loss for you and possibly a big loss even if it was a "massacre victory"). And guess what. You cant do jack about it, other than sending in more troops. And if youre at war with someone else, Good Luck to you buddy, youre probably gonna lose that acre eventually with enough militant attacks from little shit.

Im all for the little guy attack the big guy. But the big guy should at least be able to do something back before the little shit does something. As soon as the attack is planned, you should be able to do something. Shoot some missiles off to let him know your watching. ATTACK his CONVOY before he attacks you. Just a couple of retaliation operations to detour the little one. And if he keeps going, fine. Let him attack but I better have the chance to smack his ass back whether that be directly on his town or an acre he owns. Eye for an Eye, Tooth for Tooth, is the way of the Animal Kingdom.

You need to fix your attacking system :
--Botch the whole POINT thing or include acres in protection of restriction
--Change to 1/3rd up and 1/3rd down <-- Getting changed next round
--Base on level alone
--Points should only be visible to the player, no one else
--As soon as an attack is set on a player/player's acre, retaliation should be accessible no matter the points or level.
--If attack land, player should be able to retaliate at least 3-7 times or until a PAID white flag is given.
--If a little guy wants to poke a big bear, let him do so. He should learn his place or prove his worth.

As mentioned above, Acres are not under your point protection but contribute to your point score. They should be under your protection if they are going to contribute to your score.

Acres should also not be accessible until level 30 if that is where the mission is at. That mission should be retro active too if you capture one before then (if youre gonna keep it that way). Just like everything else that has to be unlocked with time, acres should be included in that.

Just found out that Acres have a limit on how many Defensive military structures you can have on there too.... If I want to make an acer, a military base I should be able to (with an overbuild mod). It doesnt seem like the sentries do anything to detour ops anyways. Maybe they bring the chance of a successful op from, 100% to 99% so that 1 in 100 ops fail when you have 40 sents up. Seems like it.

--Acres should be included in point protection if they're gonna contribute to score
--Acres should not be accessible to capture until level 30. All other items are timed release. This should be too.
--Drop the Sent restriction --- Still dont think they do anything and 40 is the max on acres
--Add a build mod for acres --- I can let this one go
--Make me at least feel like sents do something against ops --- Is my op level just that? Too OP. :P

3. MARKET & AUCTIONS --- Everyone Make comments on the Auctions. :P
I understand you want to have a realism aspect to this game but no. Our current market is all messed up because no know pays attention to that and just buys and sells willy nilly. Aint not body gonna work together to fix it and you know it.

The market should be controlled by the government to regulate it and keep it for dive bombing like it is now. It should still be constantly fluctuating. One day Food is up 500% cause the government is low on food. Next day, Wood is down 700% cause the government is getting rid of their Christmas Trees from their Christmas Party. Food is the second most expensive thing next to Fuel in this apocalyptic day and age and in the winter Food and Fire are most essential but the market sky rockets with those prices or is closed.

AUCTIONS are really annoying too and can you guess why they are annoying?

RESTRICTIONS! wooooooooo didnt see that coming.

Even the guild is hella confusing.

Direct from you guide (with my highlights):
Auctions are available from level 10. All auctions are anonymous, so you will never know who you are buying from or who bought your auction. Each auction will be availabe for 12 ticks. Once the timer reaches zero, the highest bidder will receive the recource he bid on. If there is no bidder or no one bought the auction out, the auctioneer will receive back the resource he had for auction.

Creating an auction

Everyone can create an auction, but you can not have more than four auctions active at the same time. There are a couple of restrictions<--- HA: You can not auction more than 80.000 of the resource. The starting bid must be atleast 35% of the amount you are auctioning, and can not be higher than 2 times the amount you are auctioning. You can choose to set a buyout price on your auction. If you set a buyout price, players can buy the auction for this amount and receive it immediately. The buyout price can not be more than 3 times the amount you are auctioning.

Example: if you want to auction 50.000 food, your starting bid must be between 17.500 (minimum) and 67500 (maximum). The buyout can't be higher than 85000.

Note: Once you have created your auction, you can not cancel it! You will only receive the resource you auction back if there are no bidders and the time expires. You can not bid on or buyout your own auctions.

I shouldnt have to be doing advanced calculus and using spread sheets to buy and sell wood in a video game. NO.

If Im reading your guild correctly, your "couple of restrictions" consist of:
--Highest amount to possibly sell is: 80,000
(Cause they dont want you abusing the auction and not using trading which also has restrictions)
--Starting bid must be 35% of selling amount
(so 80,000. Lowest you can start bidding at is 28,000 or 1 food for ever .35 of gold, mind you market can dip below .35 buying)
--Cant be 2X the amount selling amount
(so 80,000. Highest you can start bidding at is 160,000 or 1 food for every 2 gold, mind you market went to 4 buying and 3 selling for food before)
--Buyout cant be more than 3X selling amount
(so 80,000, Highest BUYOUT is 240,000, mind you Im rounding so market was actually more than 3 for selling food once)

Also missing this tid bit in the guide:
--Buyout has to be 2X bigger than your STARTING BID

SOOOO with all that information, try and place a bid within fair market value so people will buy it and not screw yourself over.
Cant place that bid because BUYOUT is not 2X your STARTING AUCTION BID. -- Fixes BUYOUT
Cant place that bid because BUYOUT is more than 3X SELLING AMOUNT --- But, But, if I lower my starting auction someone could get it for less and I get screwed.
Essentially, you are forced to sell on the market and further mess up a crumbling market but you can only sell 50K at a time so.... youre welcome?

I read on the Auction forum, posted link above, that the restrictions where there so you dont work around the trade restrictions. Restrictions set in place to block players from quickly building up an alt account from a main account by sending it resources. Problem with that is: Alt 1 formed Chancy's Alt Clan. Chancy joins Chancy's Alt Clan. Alt 2 joins Chancy's Alt Clan. Alt 3 through 10 joins Chancy's Alt Clan. Chancy can now trade with Chancy's alts. No auction scam/ work around needed.

As I stated in that forum, if you are REALLY worried about Auction abuse, make it leveled instead of free reign. That does narrow it down on who you are trading with (making it possible to guess who is selling and who is buying) but at least you wont get a level 10 alt obtaining resources from a level 36 main and we won't need to be mathematicians to figure out how to use the auction. OR you could take some tips from EBay or an actual buying and selling site.

Most auctions do have a cancel time with restriction and a fee. Wouldnt hurt to do that here.

--I've said this before on the auction forum:
--Trading system is fine the way it is, outside of the clan. The work around that is join a clan, though.
--Auction Restrictions are excessive.
--Go to a leveled auction. Less worry of trade abuse then.
--Buyout needs to be lowered to whatever price you want above starting bid. 2X your starting bid is ridiculous when actively comparing to govern. market.
--Should be a "cancel button" on the auctions OR a reserve amount.

Last Point

Mod Says a list is a good idea. Hopefully will see in guide and under "Strategies" forum. Still think they need to look over them and the applications of them a few times.

With as many restrictions as this game has, there should be a spot in the guild for them. Listing them from A to Z, explanation on how they got there or why they are in place so there is no reason to question their usage. Putting them in ONE spot also means players dont have to go on "Discovering them" as they play and get pissed off over time. Rather be up front about them so I know what Im walking into when playing this game.

Going through the restrictions, you may find that some of them are as ridiculous as I say.

--Make a place in the guild SPECIFICALLY for all the restrictions you have on this game
--Detail them, in full, with examples, and why they are in place
--See which ones can be better utilized or thrown out
--Think of the possible work around/ Cheats and see if a better restriction can be placed


This rant gave me some time to think, to express myself. As I read through the forums, I'll make corrections to this.
Honestly, this game could be so much better but there are A LOT of things holding it back.

Forums -- Mod: Are a work in progress. ---- Please, Please, Please, Please, please, look into Zetaboards.
---When typing up post, seeing previous posts would be helpful in responding instead of opening 2 windows.
---Alerts to responses
(though they are seen in the fairgrounds as "hot topics" which I think is cool. BUT on an active day they will get lost if its not the same post over and over again).
---Search function (base like Zetaboards)
---Preview before posting <-- Really need. Tired of double checking if things work and how they look.

In Game
---Report button for people who violate the rules. Should be right on their profile with a selection of reasons for reporting.
For people like this:

---Reworking of use of points, solely for ranking
---Indicator of return players to K1 <-- to prevent clan domating the board with all seasoned players
---Profile Visible Ranking instead of points
Posted May 13 2016 - 01:12
I Agree with Scarlit about the Restriction but When They Change it back how it was played before it would be fun again , But With the Auction it Good but it could use some minor work on it , Like take the restriction off auction,\..

Posted May 13 2016 - 01:41
Not sure how it was before. Just started a month ish ago and have slowly gotten more and more frustrated with these pop ups lately. This last one kinda pushed me over the edge.

Auctions really need to be changed. Again, this game could be really good but as of right now the restrictions are literally holding it back.

The front page art work is good though and the emails when you get attacked.
Posted May 13 2016 - 02:39
i agree
Posted May 13 2016 - 04:12
First off, how was it played before please explain?

So long post, long answer!

Overall I think the game is good. I only started it to pass some time during vacation and now I check this game more than I check facebook.... What does that say about me? lol. But there are some things that confuse the hell out of me. I never use the auction. I tried once and someone out bid me even though there were four other auctions of the same thing and amount going on at the time. That maybe speaks more about the quality of players in the game more than the actual game itself I guess. Anyway, I have enough work to do calculating my points and attacks and defense (etc.)of my enemies, town and acres, that i'd prefer to not add any further calculations so the auction is out for me. And the way you're describing your headaches about the auction Scarlet, I'd rather not bother.

The forum needs a search function. Eliminate repeat posts, allow people to connect with others who had similar questions. Would come in handy for new players. It took a lot of work for me to find answers to questions I had in the early days.

I'll be the first to admit, I can have a tendency to swear during video games. I can work on it. But in this game when you're hit with 30+ missiles at the start of an hour, I don't have any other words to use to describe my feelings about that. I'm very sorry. :( And on that note, why the hell do I build so many damn check posts and trenches if 25 out of 31 missiles still hit and destroy things and people in my town?

Trolls in the chat. I think that's what the kids call them these days. Exactly like that photo! Super annoying. And the hugging emoji freaks me out. What the heck is that thing even doing? Creepy thing. *shudders*

And then there are those stupid names for towns that people pick. Some of them are funny I think but others can be super ignorant and often offensive! Towns like that should be removed from the game and the player should be banned!

As far as acres I agree that at least in the beginner Kansas that people should not be able to even attempt to capture an acre until they unlock it at level thirty. That is fair to me. Players returning to a round in beginner Kansas will know exactly what an acre has and will likely go out and get one as soon as they can which is unfair to new players (like me!) who have no real notion of what perks acres actually have to a player in the early days of the game.

Well, that's my two cents....

Posted May 13 2016 - 04:44
Back when i played it the restriction was when u attack a town it can be half your points
Posted May 13 2016 - 04:53
Well sounds like they are changing the attacking math equation from .66667 and 1.333 to 1.33 and 1.33 so that equals out but that still doesnt account for the acres.

If this "restriction" is in place it should account for every thing I own, not just my town.

It shouldnt be: "Your army is too afriad to attack this town ..... but not too afraid to attack an acre own by this town. CHAAAAARRRRGGEEEE!"


Why doesnt bounty buyouts go back to the placer? The bounty wasnt complete so they didnt get what they wanted. They should get the buyout minus whatever percent the government took. Buying out and not givng the victors the spoils is not how the world works.
Posted May 13 2016 - 16:54
Great post!

I think being able to house an army at an ally camp or acre would be great. If someone is across the map they will see you coming from 5 weeks away. Most of the time we fighting other peoples battles because we are closer and aren't across the map.

Another example is if you aren't in the clan that control the fairground, you can't do much without an instant arrival card. When that same clan controls every other silo or compound...gameover lol.
Posted May 13 2016 - 17:25
Good post!

I actually agree with a lot of points made here.

You actually have to convince teammates to not go up in points to combat, um, whatever you want to call "them". Because you can watch 10 towns hover at the lowest points possible all the way to week 900 and send convoy after convoy to one person who has say 80,000 points, and you just happen to be at war with them. Well, what can you do about it if you have 72,000 points? Not a fucking thing.
You should really, REALLY, REEEAAAALLLLLYYY be able to ambush convoys based on the POINTS THE TOWN RECEIVING THE CONVOY!!!
Instead, you my brother and/or sister. Please don't exceed 30,000 points because I need you to the intercept convoys I find...
Posted May 13 2016 - 17:30
You can't stop weaker players from trying to take acres otherwise they would be unable to advance. If you want to hold onto it defend it.

I think being able to attack weaker player ie half point would be a bad step... stronger player would just squeeze up and coming town before the build themselves up.

again I think that there should be a limit to how many gov. installations a clan can hold. The advantages of each are small... but they together they give the top clan a vice grip on the leadership- not because they are good or even better but because they got there first.
Posted May 13 2016 - 18:55
I agree with 90% of the suggestions. It's true owning the government installations gives you a slight advantage. As it is right now I'm ranked number one on the leaderboard for this Kansas and control three government installations all of which were fire over were evacuated by the other town. And as of now my clan controls all other government installations always back and forth fighting from other groups. What I'm trying to say I guess is the government installations can be hard to hold and transfer back and forth. And as an aside I did not reach my hotspot from insider trading with allies or clan members. Just rugged hard work ha ha!
Posted May 13 2016 - 20:15
@pavlos-The issue with the little guys attacking acres is this guy was like a level 20. Not even close to even needing to capture an acre. The little shit is just going around being a complete dick not to mention he has an obnoxious name. And some of the people who get there first at the government installations don't defend them well enough and they're taken by stronger players. Who in turn don't defend them well enough and are taken by even stronger players until finally the strongest player holds them all. So it does lead to, in my opinion, good mostly fair fights and motivates people to get ahead. I don't know if I make sense or if I'm just talking out my ass....

@Haphazard-I wonder who you are! ;) I was asleep at the wheel apparently when everybody was going after the government installations. I won't make that mistake again. I don't mind having one clan with all the government installations, makes the game more interesting trying to work out ways to obtain them.

I still can't make a valid comment about the auction.
Posted May 13 2016 - 20:27
There should be No restrictions on the acre cause that really the only way you can attack smaller town that be bother you or if u just want it

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