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Posted August 24 2016 - 10:35
Bumb, was searching for this topic and could not find it ^^
Posted August 24 2016 - 16:14
Mortars still shouldn't take longer. Not sure where I originally put that idea.

Posted August 24 2016 - 17:13
You mean travel time? If you choice the Portable Mortar unit your mortars will move as normal troops :)
Posted August 25 2016 - 19:18
What I mean is yes this is a game but there is no logic behind it. As stated before, it would take more gas, not travel time. Mortar teams aren't cows being transported that need to stop occasionally. The troops aren't being pulled by animals either.

If you have the vehicles to cover the extra space for the morts, time should not be a factor. If I drive to the beach alone, or with a car full of people with a ton of gear, it won't take more time, but more gas. Getting to and staying 80mph takes more fuel but not more time. Traveling with more people doesn't affect time in any situation. Livestock does.

Unless we are using wagons it just doesn't make sense. And I'm pretty sure we aren't using wagons. Just a random thought when I'm in the clouds and playing this game. It just really seems like an Oregon Trail type of rule.


Posted August 25 2016 - 19:31
Posted August 25 2016 - 20:51
I found this about Mortars

Posted August 25 2016 - 22:51
Or you have no idea how military transport works in modern times...
Posted August 25 2016 - 23:05
Posted August 26 2016 - 10:38
There was a massive pandemic.

yes there was apocalips but it wasn't some even that threned technology. True advancmet did slowed down. But tech from old world still sirvived.

Apocalips that happened was threat to biological life not mechanical.

But we have to understand that 1 thing: Balance.
Posted August 29 2016 - 23:04
This unlimited trench building is kinda nuts. At some point you won't have anything left of your land with 1000 plus trenches. Idk...not having it part of the modifier is kinda weird to me. Random thought...
Posted August 30 2016 - 00:42
Posted August 30 2016 - 15:52
True...I haven't even attacked a trenchtown yet. I just noticed when I added some to test out the modifier. I imagine a town looking like the view of an ant farm if that makes any sense...

I guess I'm bitchin for nothing since it hasn't exactly affected me. People get higher scores from it but its almost like false power. Idk, I just woke up.
Posted September 02 2016 - 00:18
The firing of troops might need a fixing...Half the time it tells me to enter a number even if I already put one in. I try to fire 238 police and it fired 92...

It never does what I tell it to!

Not really an idea but im too lazy to look for the real bug thread.

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