New round open for signup!

Posted August 01 2015 - 11:27
Hi Everyone,

We have just reset all area's and opened up the new area's for signup!

Until August 2 you will have time to create your town and perform your first moves, on August 2 at 20:00 GMT +1:00 the round will start ticking again!

Changes we have made for coming round:

- Collecting goods from Acres will now cost fuel.
- When your town does not have enough fuel, resources will not be collected that tick. But the code will also not deduct the fuel needed to collect the resources but instead safe it for your town. When fuel reaches the needed amout of fuel again, resources will be collected once more. When you own mutiple Acres the code will try to collect as much resources as possible until you run out of Fuel.
- The Farther away a acre is located from your town, the more fuel it will cost to collect its resources.
- The more production buildings you have on your Acre, the more fuel it will cost to collect all resources.
- On the info page of your acre you can see how much fuel it cost each tick to collect the resources of that acre.
- Amount of Acres has been increased to 100.
- We have decreased the round lenght to 1 Month instead of 2.
- We have created separate area's for beginners and experienced players. Beginners can join the high level area if they wish to, but experienced players cannot join beginner area's.

Outbreak crew
Posted August 01 2015 - 19:07
where is the expert lvl?
Posted August 01 2015 - 19:12
The Kansas 2 area is for the more experienced players.
Posted August 01 2015 - 23:00
got it,thanks
Posted August 02 2015 - 19:51
How do I switch to Kansas 2?
Posted August 02 2015 - 20:10
On the 'Account' page you can surrender your town from you current area, then you can signup again for the other area.