Attacking From Acre

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Posted June 21 2016 - 15:29
I'm trying to prepare an attack from my acre to the next square over and it's telling me it'll take 3 weeks? While if I attack from my town which is maybe 4-5 squares away that it will take 2 weeks? I have strategist checked in my tech tree and it's still autumn.... No problems getting around until now.

Posted June 21 2016 - 18:22
You got cars? Ive forgotten that before.
Should just have "Automatic" for all cars and a turn off if they can walk.

While Im here, reinforcing an acre from another acre, is that possible or not?
Posted June 21 2016 - 18:52
Of course I have cars! My troops are too posh to walk anywhere!

It's winter now and it's telling me it'll take 5 weeks from my acre to get one square over, 3 weeks from my town 4-5 squares over from the target. :( I suppose the troops prefer to take the scenic route but as their supreme ruler I'd prefer that travel time chopped down to the proper amount. One other thing, I'm not using mortars....

I'd also like to know if you can reinforce one acre from another....

Posted June 21 2016 - 22:53
99.99% Sure with a 99.90% chance of error, that its dropping the vehicles. I just tested it going 1 square over in the winter, should be 2 and its 8 weeks. I plave vehicles it drops them.
Posted June 21 2016 - 23:28
Posted June 21 2016 - 23:43
Still happening and the epidemic is growing to my other acres.... Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as it's starting to become super frustrating.

:( Help me.
Posted June 22 2016 - 00:35
GOT IT! ok, we're good. Resume business as normal. forget this ever happened ;) Shit.
Posted June 22 2016 - 02:19
But wait. What about reinforcing from an acre to another acre?
Is it possible?
Posted June 22 2016 - 21:21
Yes it is, just use the 'Prepare attack' to your own Acre.

The code will regonize that is your own convoy and reinforce the Acre instead :)
Posted June 22 2016 - 21:55
Cool. Glad my troops aren't a bunch of dumb butts. :P
Posted June 22 2016 - 22:13
my bikes attacked my refinery earlier in the game when i tried to reinforce... got both a win and loss report... killed 5 bikes on defensive structures
Posted June 22 2016 - 22:47
Well, I know what Im not testing.
Posted June 24 2016 - 05:39
I'm not embarrassed by this post at all. Not one bit.... It's not like I avoided the forum for a day or two even afterwards. Nope.

The code will regonize that is your own convoy and reinforce the Acre instead :)

Except if you're pavlos I guess.... In which case, troops will die.

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