Kansas 2 multiple accounts

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Posted June 25 2016 - 13:04
Hi everyone,

Multiple players have been informing us over the last few days and we have been checking the activities of a possible mulitple account issue.

For this reason we have Blocked the following towns from participating in the game:

- Unidentified
- DeathValley
- Richie
- CaptainAmerica

The towns will still be visible in the rankings and the person behind these towns can make his case by contacting us.

If his explanation will not be good his towns will get deleting in 5 days.

The outbreak crew
Posted June 25 2016 - 13:16
Does that mean they cannot message?
Posted June 25 2016 - 14:04
Not ingame
Posted June 25 2016 - 14:10
Can't believe he sullied the name of clan omega... Thanks for freezing him
Posted June 25 2016 - 17:18
Wath will happen to thear arces and gowermetn intalations after 5 days?
Posted June 25 2016 - 17:30
@thomastankas I assume they'll be owned by bandits once more!

And thanks for the update Ronald!
Posted June 25 2016 - 17:36
And wath about gowerment instalations?
Posted June 25 2016 - 18:25
Same thing I imagine. Just like when a town is booted from the game due to inactivity....
Posted June 25 2016 - 18:42
Could they give gowerment instalation to clan leader ?
Posted June 25 2016 - 21:02
Considering that, quote "[He is] Blocked from participating in the game." He cant do anything except, log in to check tickets or the forum or however the devs are contacting them.

Posted June 25 2016 - 21:32
I think he is back
Posted June 25 2016 - 22:32
Well that seems contradictory to the rules, literally, the one above this post, unless they only apply to the forums.

Frankly, I think they should be in the guild somewhere if they are to apply to the game.

But whatever, this is Ronald's game.

Posted June 28 2016 - 03:37
I wish my "friends" were this nice to me!


Updated to include rant....

Is this deemed an acceptable trade to a guy who has been abusing the game from the very beginning? Shouldn't he already have enough resources by now he doesn't need a shipment of three hundred C4's now selling on the black market for 2200 cash a pop? Are there even 320 bunkers for him to destroy in game.... What on earth would you possibly do with that amount of C4's beside sell them? ???

This is public knowledge now and so too is my opinion on it! Where's the damn rule book? Is there another section of the guide I have overlooked? You get banned from the forum for using an alt account yet you get a slap on the wrist for using one in the actual game? Someone explain to me what exactly is happening here because I shouldn't be spending my time uncovering such anomalies as the end user! He wants to take down the big guy, he can do it honestly and with a hint of common sense like the rest of us.

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