Kansas 2 multiple accounts

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Posted June 28 2016 - 19:19
I don't like playing with cheaters. Does this mean I can have five of my friends set up accounts build the towns up a little bit and then just every week send me a convoy of everything there towns have produced. No problem I can do that. But it's not against the rules? Capt. America does nothing in this game but send all their resources to one person. I call that cheating anybody in their right mind would call it cheating. I'm so disgusted I'm of a mind to quit this damn game!
What is happening is not fair not ethical and goes totally against the grain of an honest person and leaves everybody else at a disadvantage.
Posted June 28 2016 - 19:22
See our update, we have also banned CaptainAmerica since we now have full prove he is only sending resources and not participating in the game.

Also we have fixed our banning mechanics and now players are banned from the game and forum likewise.

If there are still issue please let us know.
Posted June 28 2016 - 19:38
That's great! I'm glad to hear that. I'm glad the problem was fixed although I guess there's no way to rectify the other persons past gains in resources and black-market items. I'm just happy to know that the playing field has been leveled somewhat. Thank you.
Posted June 28 2016 - 19:45
Thanks Ronald, you lovely....
What a cease and desist? For What!
.... Oh for being too damn creepy. K.

Posted June 28 2016 - 19:54
Posted July 01 2016 - 22:52
Ronald, could you.... block his IP/Email/Account immediately. I dont think there is any doubt in anyone's mind who this is.

Posted July 01 2016 - 22:58
Posted July 01 2016 - 23:02
shouldn't we have let him invest time building his town up to lvl 32 and then pulled the plug on it
Posted July 01 2016 - 23:10
He's probably not going to get that big with a target on his head and we dont want him becoming big and being a threat.
Posted July 01 2016 - 23:32
lol @ potentially feeling threatened by a lvl 32 with under 300 soldiers
Posted July 02 2016 - 02:25
Glad I made you laugh.

It's the whole "Would you kill baby Hitler?" debate.

You know he's gonna grow up to be Hitler and do the whole "Krusty Krab is unfair! Mr. Krabs is in there! Standing at the concession! Plotting his oppression!" thing and kill some people, but at the same time, you're gonna kill a baby.
Posted July 02 2016 - 12:02
Without his buddies to help him, he'd stuggle to get tower blocks built
Posted July 02 2016 - 15:22
Ahain, dont need him joining a clan and getting big through ein Mein Kampf speach.

Im just surprised he hasnt formed the "Unidentified Clan."

On mobile, will fix later.

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