Posted July 02 2016 - 12:53
Okay, question: when am I able to get goverment help in return for government rep. points?
Posted July 02 2016 - 14:24
I think gowerment is actualy week and not as powerfull or scary as it says.I mean it never attack some one.Or wean gowerment declears war on you dosen't realy mean that much.Yea I may not get fro it anything but that is all.Wean all gowerment locations are take gowerment never get them.

I wuold like that gowerment would dose more then just sending letters.For example try to retake gowerment locations or attack town wich it is at war with.
Posted July 02 2016 - 15:53
I'm going to read what Tom said later.

Black Panther, there is a guide. It has a list of all the missions that you need to do as well as other things that are helpful to gameplay. Some things are not explain fully well and some things are. I think it will be helpful if you read it.

I believe the answer to your question is before level 30 because I don't remember.
Posted July 02 2016 - 16:58
Once you get over 70 government point you can spend them on government assistance- food, fuel, cash and troops
Posted July 03 2016 - 09:31
thankss dog
Posted July 03 2016 - 19:16
Who want's changes to gowermen?(I told my ideas above)
Posted July 03 2016 - 19:48
Well supposedly there are supposed to be random bandit attacks on acres, which is sorta what I think your talking about there. I think.

Government is supposed to work with its people and get us to do it's dirty work. Then when we take over the government building and they lose them all to the players, there is no hope for the government unless there is a really good up rise.

I think it's fine the way it is. We do missions for the government, they eventually pay us and they keep their mouths such and give us benefits when we take their buildings. It would be interesting if the bandits attacked the government buildings but I havent seen them attack the acres yet so I dont think thats happening.
Posted July 03 2016 - 20:01
Wean you read gowerment's letter you think they must be powerfull.And wean you take thear location they do nothing.Exeapt not give you some resurse or troops.Wich are even not worth the effort.Wean you lose for example 34 agents and get 24 policemen.Realy that is not worth.Also I would like to see gowerment(bot bandidts) try to retake it's location from players and attack players towns.Next I would like to see more actions with gowerment.Like that I could retake loacation for gowerment and get something.Now gowerment feal like barberians from civ. You kill them and they are gone
Posted July 04 2016 - 11:06
You should be able to get attaked by the government but also have them to spec ops. They should also have special troops like grenadiers, same with the banditws, except the special troops part. They should just have lots of militia or militia like troops, and bikers since bikers are basically gangsters since u get them through the tavern
Posted July 05 2016 - 07:49
Hi i'm a older player had another account but felt starting again. The bandits attack your acres at random probably why you haven't seen it. it would be good if the government would attack if the military base and capital weren't taken. but remember the govt is broken and needs our help if they lost something like the base or capital it would shatter them. this is more of a real term then game play term.