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Posted July 15 2016 - 22:14
So i hear There alot of new drama coming up In K2 and i am Honer That Most of you players want Razorbackslasher and The uninvited Legion Back In K2 but sadly i cant return Cause the rounds is almost over and no one want to start over on they town....

But We Can Bring All this Beef and also all war Mongol player Into K4 So we can have fun and also have a TrueOUTBREAK EXPERIENCE

So Message this Forum and speak your Mind Out

Posted July 15 2016 - 22:29
I will not be able to play for long time.Life need me.
K2 is full of liear and traitors.Never trust top 10 player from curent round.I ask for univaited legion to hunt them all down in all areas from now.Track them using forums.Theay may have many names and storys but things remane the same.They use coalitions and devios tactick.They don't figth frontal war.They may give you want you want but will but knife in your back.

We have to make way to recconize our owen and theas traitors.(I wish we could have secer chating place).Uninvaited may remeber way I couldn't play last round.As for me Last place.I will return sometime in future.People from k2 may say things about me but rember thear weapons is word.Don't belive to anything they say about me or this round.But for now I have my resons wich I could tell olny to uninvaited
Last place
We are uninvaited war is univaited.War is war.War rages on
Posted July 16 2016 - 12:50
can i join your squad?
Posted July 16 2016 - 15:16
It depends on few factors.Ask our CEO.
Posted July 16 2016 - 16:27
Oh dear Lastplace!

What a wretched player you are. I took you into Omega and gave you the responsibility of looking after thr fairground. In return I guaranteed you town and acres would not come under attack.

When the leader of the Cult captured you acre I got it returned to you.... how did you repay me?

You tried to single-handedly draw our clan into was with another because player that stole your acre gave you a few missiles and a bribe of 80 000 cash.

But again I used my diplomatic skills and shielded you from attack... While Dagobah and I were fighting on behalf of the clan you just sat there not offering to help. As a result our armies were hurt and you rose to second place.

Then you got greedy and demanded That I attack the #1 player, then capture the capital and give it to you... otherwise you would switch to The Cult... because 'perse is nice'.
I pointed out to you that she stole your acre and tried to get you involved with her fight with clan War... but you wouldn't listen.

You betrayed the Omega and pretended to go undercover because you though neither of us would attack you and that they would just give you enough resources to become the top player- your strategy was begging your way to the top...

So we used you greed against you... and you couldn't even see it happening.

You were boasting that you had the strongest army and I couldn't attack you. I made perse give you the capital and I made you take the fairground to their clan because I knew you would split your troops.... and then I would smash you town... and your army... and then the players you were taunting and attacking all game, the ones ot attacking you out of respect for me would now attack you...

So you ranking has dropped from #2 to somewhere past the bottom of my screen. You are not even worth scrolling down to find

...and now you troll the forum looking for people to help you hack the code so you can cheat to number 1 again.

Sickening stuff!
Posted July 16 2016 - 17:52
nOOb wath you told is more lies.You can olny use words to figth Uninvaited.You have sent me to.I am loyal to uninvaited till the end.
Wath you did was traitorus.You have attacked person who wanted to help you.But you have attacked me.I have never betreided Uninvaited.In war I have stood with my comrads in war.
You have no weapons that can't win against Uninvaited.You have words but nothing more.Wean you saw that you will lose cause Uninvaited is to strong.You took your olny weapon.Wich are words.
Uninvaited are Clan of united and expireced players and friends.You are not the first attacker.And not the last.But you will lose cause we are
So stop lieing and face the truth.You fucked up.You attaked person who has gone insted of you.Wean I was threatend by Peje you didn't attaked him.You attaked Cult thus forsing me to chose.And now you are accusing me of tresom.Wean it was you idea fro me to go and get Capital.You failed to understand diffrenc betvien defencive and Offensive army.Wean I told you to attack that means you have attacking army.I had defencive army(Remeber France from NATO Uninvaite) .If you think this is greed then you are bluntly liening.Or just Idiot.
But you are traitor.You didn't protected person behiens enemy lines.You role was to move with main forse.But you beraided me and attcked Uninvaited.This is beging of hunt and Omega will be hunted down.My
To victory comrads.Victory is aleary hear we just need to take it.

Last place
Posted July 16 2016 - 17:54
A Few revisions to the tale as outlined above by Pavlos Dog:


You tried to single-handedly draw our clan into was with another because player that stole your acre gave you a few missiles and a bribe of 80 000 cash.

I still have no idea who gave the 80000 cash. Who did that? I can say with 100% certainty that it was not Persephone. Perse only gave the missiles because she is nice. See 2a.


Then you got greedy and demanded That I attack the #1 player, then capture the capital and give it to you... otherwise you would switch to The Cult... because 'perse is nice'.
Perse is nice. I concur. Also, for the record, he blamed other members of Omega for wanting to take the capital and claimed he was "neutral" and wanted "peace". Meanwhile he sent 40000 cash to leader of War Clan to Attack leader of the Cult. Perse is worth more than that.


I pointed out to you that she stole your acre and tried to get you involved with her fight with clan War... but you wouldn't listen.

It was never Persephone's war with WAR clan. It's not Persephone's fault former War Clan leader has a boner (tiny as it is) for Current Omega clan leader and war clan leader felt a need to parade his army around in acts of dominance to impress his "lover". War is no longer a clan, and Cultists leader and former War clan leader have since settled their differences. It was, in the end, Lastplace who brought them back together, who forced them to mend a cracking & fragile relationship and to fight for common goals thus bringing order back to K2.

Final Thoughts:

I ask you this, if lastplace was so willing and eager to break his loyalties to Omega clan, what would stop him in the future from altering his allegiance to "Uninvaited"? He only calls for your help now as he has fallen too far down and he cannot get himself up again and it was all a direct result of his own actions and choices.

Posted July 16 2016 - 18:11
Like I said since Omega and Cult don't have weapons.They take olny weapons that they have.Wich are words.But unfortenetly Uninvaited is already alearted by this weapon.So this weapon will not work.We have fougth against those with words.Ask Razor and his expirenc with MCC.If my clan leader dosen't have balls to attack person who thretened his clan member then I will have to ask other people to do Clan leaders duties.Wean you give me no chose about peace.Then I have to make chose.I told that I can't use fealings so I gave both clans task.Since Omega was my clan I would have chosen at end Omega but Olny affter week.

Olny conclusion is that Omega are traitors and have to destroied.They not olny beraided me but also try now to defend thear dead.I call for Uninvaited to return and make things rigth and defend thear Clan member and friend
Posted July 16 2016 - 18:15
I was not disputing the niceness of Persephone... just thought i was a terrible reason to betray the clan...

When I talked about her war with War, I did get the causation wrong.

As for the capital... LastPlace wanted it because he wanted to be number 1. he only wanted to be neutral in terms of not attacking anyone because he thought that would stop him from being attacked, i.e. he wanted the glory and spoils of war at the cost of other peoples towns and troops

But thanks for clarifying my version of events

Posted July 16 2016 - 18:32
I defended your acres when they were attacked and returned them to you.

I convinced Peja Vu not to punish you for repeatedly bombarding him with missile... so you taunted him about how powerful you army was and how he'd regret you visiting his town...

I'd be fairly raged out if I was in the uninvited .... you paint a large yellow cowards streak through their reputation.

and your 'defence' army of around 3500 soldiers and 1500 mortar would have been fairly good at attacking (with you 50% attack bonus... but instead you like to cower behind you clan leader 'defending' and sending out misiles.

in fact the only offensive attack you played all game was to use a wildcard to attack an empty town while you clan mate was being Johan
(and the only reason you were in second place was because you didn't bother to attack Johan while his troops were at home.. again leaving the hard, dangerous work to others
Posted July 16 2016 - 19:43
nOOb wath can I say

You are traitor and you will lose.Wean you say that Uninvaited are week your are just new comer.
How that song is.You see me roling, they hate me.I see olny more not truch coming from you.You are week cause you can't figth against clan.You target evryone how try to get in to top.You have greed.You have more greed then MCC had.We Uninvaited fougth against MCC and made strong bonds.You have words but we have our experiace and teamwork.I know that my friends will avenge me.Uninvaited are united.And we will be victorius against Omega.
But one person in field isn't solder.So Uninvaited let's teach theas fouls a lesson.Olny reason I am arguing with you nOObs is cause I am bored.I could be playing with Razor.But well I don't have my home PC so I am arguing with you nOObs.
But I have learned that doing something with friends is much more exieting.
Posted July 16 2016 - 19:55
I don't hate you. I pity you and the rest of the uninvited.

we're not arguing... you are ranting and i am pointing out to your buddies that you are cowardly and greedy, that is all
Posted July 16 2016 - 20:16
I am strategy and carefull noob.And you have offered to go to war if I attack.But I knew that I would fail in attack.And I wanted diplomtic aproce.I wanted 1 place.But you didn't told that you said to destroy dysotias troops.Wath I wanted to do wath reach 1 place using peace.I have defended our cheater to keep him in clan cause he was our clan member.And you wanted to kick him.You are the traitor nOOb and that is fackt.You care more about your and Pejes realciotn ships then your clan.
Uninvaited is baised on teamwork.And I am proud to say that I will olny play in future in Uninvaited clan.

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