question for a few moderates

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Posted August 04 2016 - 06:12
lol @ Peja. "Nub". You might have the best variety of bad insults the world has ever known! Even still, I think you're an asshole....

@ Everybody else except Peja because he doesn't matter,

On the Multiple accounts for multiple areas discussion: I messaged Ronald, this is an excerpt of our conversation:

Date sent: August 01 2016 15:48:54

You probably get this a lot but, would it be alright if I signed up for K2 and K3 this time around? I don't know if it's advisable but I'd like to give it a whirl. What would I have to do if I wanted to anyhow?

Date sent: August 01 2016 16:36:04
If you sign up in different area's that no problem :) you are allowed to do that, thank you for asking first :)

*End Transmission*

I think that clears it up for me at least.

What should actually be considered is allowing ONE registered member the option of signing up for multiple areas per round without having to set up another account. I mean you'd have to be crazy to consider it but if someone wants to do it they shouldn't have to bother Ronald about it as I'm sure he has better things to do with his time.


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