New Round

Posted July 27 2016 - 20:43
When the new round start we should only have one or 2 area for player cause it seem like the more area we get the less player e get in each area. k1 get the most player it is because most of the New player go in there. I would like A real outbreak experience but it seem like every new round i start there less player and more boring
Posted July 27 2016 - 22:04
It was said by Moderators that new round that will start will have changes that should make game harder. And more of survival game then war
Posted July 27 2016 - 22:39
When/where did they say that?
Posted July 27 2016 - 22:55
Last Tuesday at the mimimart with their suga daddies.

Edit: Phone auto corrected there wrong.
Posted July 27 2016 - 23:09
Some time ago
Posted July 28 2016 - 00:22
Lol f*ckin Scarlet
Posted July 28 2016 - 00:44
@ Scarlet.... At which mini mart? Was it the one with the hardwood floors?
Posted July 28 2016 - 01:36
@Kricket - Its the one with the wood hanging from the ceiling so that you can visibly see all the different types of wood smacking you in the face.
Its the same one with the hard salami and the thick sausages as well as the little wiener schnitzels.