To All Uninvited

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Posted August 01 2016 - 08:05
I wanna play this game! But I can not. I am waiting forever for the maps to restart! (5 years later) Is it up yet?!
Posted August 01 2016 - 12:21
So pavilus dog has made Uninvaited clan in K3.

He isn't our clan's CEO

But if any Uninvaited will join K3 then don't trust noobs. He is truly Omega.
Posted August 01 2016 - 12:23
And Uninvaited noobs in K3 would be interested enemy to figth. And one that would be fun to play against.
Posted August 01 2016 - 13:03
You're not invited to join dragonking because you are untrustworthy and not good enough to make the cut. We accept elite players only
Posted August 01 2016 - 13:15
How is dragon king ?

Secondly you are not Uninvaited leader and not CEO.
Posted August 01 2016 - 13:49
I know you struggle with facts but I am the uninvaited clan leader. However, I make no ridiculous pretensions at being some kind of 'ceo'.
Posted August 01 2016 - 14:00
Evryone can creat caln with any kind of name.

But you are not CEO of Uninvaited and you will not be.

Also in midell ages you could say that you are king. But if Pope said you are not then you are not king.

Hear you are saying that you are Uninvaited. But tryly you are just taking the name. And nothing more
Posted August 01 2016 - 14:12
Like I said.. . I am not pretentious enough to try to claim i am the CEO of a clan in a free online computer game.

You said you aren't playing this round so you shouldn't be bother about my chosen clan name. Relax. Its only a game.
Posted August 01 2016 - 14:26
@pavlovs_dog. Check your goddamn forum messages. lol
Posted August 01 2016 - 15:06
Who has time for messages when philosophy is being taught?
Posted August 01 2016 - 15:18
Well pavlovs you are saying that you are leader of Uninvited. But olny leaders that I see are either Th3NicEGuy or Jemimer.

And claming to be something that you are not isn't good thing. Because if you say you are Uninvited then you chalange true Uninvited to battle.

I wounder how long you will hold
Posted August 01 2016 - 15:45
I havn't claimed to be the leader of the Uninvitied. Only you have made that claim... again revealing to loose attachment to reality...
Posted August 01 2016 - 16:03
@Pavlovs, Professor, I think your lecture is falling on def ears.... Also, do my eyes deceive me or did he spell Uninvited correctly TWICE in one post? Amazing!

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