To All Uninvited

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Posted August 01 2016 - 22:45
Now you are just down with isults. Look at your self. You are liening, isulting, doing flase claims. You have betreided me, accused me of cheating, you accused all of Uninvited of cheating and now your just isulting. You not olny betraided me but, you also have bertaided Ozata.
You have kicked him out of clan and attacked by you and you coalition.And even to your coalition memebers you are traitors. Like wean you attacked Dystopia.

It will pelesiant to wach you geting destroyed

Posted August 01 2016 - 23:01
I only asked if it was the Uninvited way to harvest million of resources from low ranking players. I made no accusation.

Oazata was asked a number of times to nit log on just to launch missiles at the leader if another clan... As it would bring harm to lower ranking clan members. He refused to stop and ignored all attempts to contact him. It didn't benefit me to take him down and lose troops.

But I done it for my other clan members
that I the kind of sacrifice and hard decision a real leader must make.

Posted August 01 2016 - 23:37
Launching missels to other clan. That you started war with. And forsed me to choose. I wanted to be friendly to that clan. I was against the war
Wean you attacked scarlet and forsed me to chose between 2 sides. We don't know wath was written by you to Ozata. All we could see would be that you betrayed your clan member who was fighting war with other clan. A war that you started by attacking Scarlet.

I wasn't greedy. I was in difficult situations that you puted me in to. And now you try to justify your traitorous action. By calling other people greedy, insuling me and lieing.

How low you are going to go ?
Posted August 02 2016 - 00:33
Scarlet had stolen acres from your clan member and obviously we would take revenge. You betrayed your clan by accepting money and missile from her clan to start an unsanctioned war with another clan.

This is after scarlets clan stole acres from you, which I sacrificed money, time and troops to return to you.

comparing you to a slug is only an insult to slugs.
Posted August 02 2016 - 01:58
Posted August 02 2016 - 02:19
Just a bit of pre-round banter to keep you entertained... feel free to send me some resources as thanks once you get your warehouses built. It'll save me from coming to take them off you and leveling your
Posted August 02 2016 - 14:12
Scarlet hasn't stole acre from me. In end round I took 1 from her and latter retuned that acre to her.

And war clan has did more harm to me then Cult. Peje also has thretened to attack me. And wean I said for you to strike Peje. You didn't did that. So if my clan leader dosen't Destroy person who activly thretens me it should come as no suprize that I would seek help from other clan that you wanted to attack. With cult I wanted to maintain good relations. But you wanted war cause you didn't liked Scarlet. Wean peje thretend me and attack Perse ( Kriket I think forum name is) to say that I will be next you didn't attack peje to show him to shut up. But wean scarlet said something to you. You imediatly attack her. Pulling all of clan to your war of stupid abitions. Forsing me to chose betvien 2 sides and latter conspiring and attacking me.

As for insulting me that olny shows that you are just runing out of things to say. Also It show you language maners.

Posted August 02 2016 - 14:34
No... Scarlet repeatedly stop an acre from your fellow clan mate.

Perse took an acre from you and I took it back and returned it.

Deja vu threatened to attack you because you spent the round firing missiles at him...
You told me you were firing missiles at him on behalf of perse for an 80000 cash bribe and a supply of missile.

The same Perse who stole your arce...

I was chatting to Deja Vu at the time. He had no intention of attacking you out of respect for me.

He was winding you up to get you to stop. I explained this to you.
As it played out he didn't attack you. As I promised.

I went to the garden to apologise to the slugs for my cruel comparison. I left them some compensatory lettuce.
They mainly ignored mebut enjoyed the lettuce. I think they are over it now.

Maybe you should let it go too.
Posted August 02 2016 - 16:54
Posted August 02 2016 - 19:28
Posted August 02 2016 - 22:39
You may talked with perse but my troops wear then ones who took acre back. And latter I found out that you had to keep the acre. This would mean that you wanted to hinder me from start.

With peje you had to attack him because yhe has threned me. I wounder wath would have happened if some other then would have thretend perses clan memeber. Probably as clan leader she would threaten with war to that person and latter attack that person. But you not olny didn't vattacked peje you also leted him to Omega. Also wean war started with cult I told you that since your army is offencive because of amount of heavy motirs and bikers I told you to attack capital and then had it over to me thaty my army full of marines could defend it and would be unharmed from that battle. If you have folowed my comand you would havd 65 000 defence score defending the capital. But insted you choise to back stab me.

For perse taking my acre I can forgive. Because all of round she have seemed to be olny a doll for you. WIch you have also betraided by attacking her clan members and alowing you friend Peje to attack her. And for peje I wanted to help him to rebuild and I have sent him 30 000 cash just cause I felt generus that day. But he used my kind heart against me and attacked perse again. he later lied that I have paid him to attack Perse. after that I sended perse 80 000 to help her rebuild and counter attack peje (She never did that and attack me). Counclusion is this . DON'T EVER BE KIND TO ANYONE EXEPT YOR CLAN MEMEBERS. And if you clan meber is pavlovs_dog( n00bsville in K3 ) don't trust him. Persephone in K3 is allie to
pavlovs_dog( n00bsville in K3 ).

pavlovs_dog( n00bsville in K3 ) has to be destroyed and evryone who are in his clan. I would do it my slef but 2 months are not free for me

As for isult. fix you language maners. And it is writen in forum rules that insult are not alowed.
Posted August 02 2016 - 22:53
Just for the record. I said at the start of that round that War was a mercenary type clan that was basically an extension of the Omega. I also told anyone who messaged me who my #1 was with even if I wasn't his. You were not part of the previous round so you assumed everyone was starting over with relationships...wrong.

Second, I asked for 5 people to message me if they wanted a true alliance. Not the in game alliance request. Those people never got attacked, damaged, or messed with or even lied to.

Third, I don't remember lying about really anything I said regarding that cash you sent me. I couldn't understand more than 1/2 of what you said and you did mention Perse in every message. Anytime you messaged me it was about crossing someone. You wanted to be in an alliance with everyone and that simply can't happen.

Fourth, I know she hates me but I have a shrine dedicated to Perse in each of my rooms.

Fifth, I thought you were too busy for the game? Not too busy for the forums I see. Looks like someone created a new e-mail and is trying to pretend they aren't in the game :).

Sixth, last one, trying to think of something else to say since I already started #6....nope..can't think of anything else at the moment. Oh, got it, there is also a difference in lying and simply not answering or responding to something :).

P.S. Sometimes leaders of countries, clans, groups, whatever, have to let things happen for peace down the road, resources as compensation, acreage, etc. There are several reasons why leaders let things happen. You simply aren't a leader in any way so you are unaware of this concept. FTW
Posted August 02 2016 - 23:34
My Clan was not yours to command. You didnt want the Capital to defend It for me... You wanted the points boost to get to number 1.

I told you if you wanted to be number 1 you had to earn it and do help take It. You wanted to play farmville.

And when you we given the Capital you held it for less than a Day... You lost your Town and the fairground and your acres. I warned you you weren't skilled enough to hold more than one installation at a time...

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