The 13 Tribes

Posted August 01 2016 - 09:25
Born form the rubble of the appocolypse. the 13 tribes started as a humbal community. A fariming village. A peacefull exsistance. Until one day, a army of 7 tribes attaccked this village and left nothing but ashes and dread. The only thing representing the village is slaves. One of these slaves, Danniel Brolling took his revenge and assasinated the leader of the 7 tribes, a coward leader who uses words to fight. Most people in the army appreciated the courage og the slave as people in the army saw him nothing but a 'sissy'. Danniel is now in control of this clan. He is a kind leader who has no problem eradicating the enemies of his tribe.Before he took over, the army eradicated 2 tribes and 7 tribes joined the army. Now, they eradicated 5 tribes and united 6 more. He dosn't like it when eradicating a tribe is the only option. 1 day, a army of tribes calling themselves the 300 army came into their lands and eradicated the 13 tibes. the 300 army dedicates them selves to sparta, a community of savages. But several scouts away from the camp in Texas spreaded west to los Angels. But some made a living in the ruins of the new world, struggling to make a new army of united tribes and their next of kin.

Joining the clan

They accept people outside their clan and treat them fair.

Trading They trade for supplies when nessesery but they just scavenge for supplies.


They started as slaves but beccame an army of do-gooders and got eradicated and started again. They have a fear of being eradicated or enslaved twice. They are struggling..... For now...