The Uninvited

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Posted August 10 2016 - 01:28
Posted August 10 2016 - 06:47
Scarlit U be having More fun Posting meme rather then playing the game, Maybe you should Join Imgflip U fit well in there
Posted August 10 2016 - 19:22
Why would I go somewhere I fit in? Youre supposed to go somewhere you dont to challenge them and challenge yourself. If you went where it's safe all the time, life would be boring and you wouldnt find anything new. 'Tis a testement to this generation and their parents with their safe spaces and lack of exploration and restriction on the dumbest of shit. A little weed never hurt anyone, but a little weed laced with perscription brand chemicals did.

Challenge yourself, challenge your government, challenge your future.
Posted August 10 2016 - 20:09
That was one of the most inspirational nonsense answers I've ever read
Posted August 10 2016 - 21:06
LoL Scar U be making my days
Posted August 10 2016 - 21:11
Date sent: August 05 2016 01:04:18
I wish it said something about it in the guides, but I'm wondering if you could tell me if there's a specific advantage to owning the fairgrounds, aside from it being a government fortification.

I just realize i had this in my personal Message But The advantage you get from fairground is That you can see All the convoy on the map and also 1000 cash everytime some one put a bounty on some one. Any other question You got just message me In game or fourm Mr Mephisto or anybody else
Posted August 10 2016 - 21:25
Sprinkle in a little Philosophical here.
Sprinkle in a little truth there.
And apparently you get nonsense.

Why didnt you just reply to his message.

Mr_Mephisto just dont use the messaging system in the forums... its shit.

Posted August 10 2016 - 21:34
Posted August 11 2016 - 01:21
Lol thank you for the response NiceGuy. It's quite helpful.

Scarlet, I sent messages in the forum in the first week but I realized the forum messaging system is shit because nobody got back to me. I shan't use it again.
Posted August 11 2016 - 01:56
Posted August 11 2016 - 23:25
Is there actually "more to come soon" or is this forum post just as much of a waste as everyone predicted?
Posted August 12 2016 - 01:30
Idk Just Bunch of trolls In forum
Posted August 18 2016 - 20:40
You trolls are such a bother!

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