The Last Tribes andd the remnants

Posted September 04 2016 - 10:02
Weakened from the harshness of the new world, The remnants of the 13 tribes has made a living in the old vegas ruins. Thanks to the casinos there, they were financially prepared. But a threat a rose. A group of bandits has raided the city and The Last Tribes decided to take refuge with The Dire Wolves. But after a while, they left and thrived agin. But a town in the north know as Initium. They have been poisoning there water supplies and blowing are bunkers. For that reason they have joined the Loyal Rangers. They are now happy with their clan and has been happy. But the loyal rangers has declared war with the Direwolves. They are happy to follow orders and help anhialate the faction. But history will tell its self. But the road of the new world will never come to an end. The 13 Tribes, no longer exist. Such power, must stay hidden, as their history may die, but their spirits will not.