"Never Forget"

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Posted September 15 2016 - 02:19
Feelings can be immature and untasteful. To which Ronald deleted them as per private domain. First part was more toward RimC99 complaining anyways but while were at it, might as well delete this forum because its untasteful to all the lives lost every other day by the thousands.

Frankly, as respectful as it wants to be, it's arrogant to highlight one american tragedy over all the tragedies that have happened thus far. It's insulting to all the others that have risked their lives for their respective countries and insulting to all those who have lost their lives in other countries. Especially in this day and age, with SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much death going around. Americans wanna highlight 9/11.

I don't see a post on the lives lost in other countries in recent tragedies or the thousands of lives lost via American drone strikes including our own (EX: Doctors Without Boarders). Human might as well be defined by mistakes but you gotta admit, humanity sucks ass and we shouldn't highlight anything that comes from it good, bad, or tragic.

If youre gonna highlight one, you have to highlight all them: Good, bad, and ugly. From the lives lost in 9/11 to the lives lost from drone strike by the US. From the achievements in equality of marriage in the US to the inequality that a white man can go to jail for 6 months for rape, serve 3 and get let out on "good behavior" but any other race would get 17 years (or whatever the max sentence is) and serve it all.

That's propaganda to only highlight your good deeds and self tragedies and forgo your dirty work. It's selfish and arrogant, childish even to make a forum like this, not patriotic. It's disgusting. Like spit in the eye of every family who has lost a life to world tragedies. "My tragedies are more important than yours, thus it needs a forum to commemorate the day."

My request to Ronald: Delete this forum.
Posted September 15 2016 - 04:24
Don't be ridiculous, Scarlet, I was not complaining! In fact, I was merely sharing that I personally had no problem with the post, however, I do understand why it was removed.

Where are you getting the idea that "our tragedy is more important than yours!" from? Americans tend to be emotional about 9/11 because it was a terror attack that occurred within the United States of America; not France. You've constructed a fallacy; why should an American create a post discussing the terror attacks in France- due in part by Europe's terrible migrant policies- when it is completely irrelevant to their culture?

Regarding the incident in Orlando, and the neglecting of creating a forum for it was completely due to the lacking of consideration of the players of this site. That meaning- people just did not care about it enough.

Really, the only people that would be offended by this thread are Muslims.

Also, these were only opinions that don't truly matter. Don't get your panties in a bunch!

Sincerely yours,

Posted September 15 2016 - 05:38
Listen, 9/11 was bad and all, but, this was completely fine to post what I had. - Can't tell inflection via internet. Whatever.

It isnt about being an american, it's about being human. All human life is important so to immortalize 9/11 (a specific, American centric tragedy) with a forum post is putting higher importance over all other tragedies, even if it is on a minor scale.

Regarding the incident in Orlando, and the neglecting of creating a forum for it was completely due to the lacking of consideration of the players of this site. That meaning- people just did not care about it enough. - Proving my point of higher importance.

Why shouldnt an American make a post for a France tragedy? Have they no sympathy or empathy to post for tragedies of humanity? Just for themselves? Again, that is self-centered and disgusting, an insult to all lives lost around the world and in fact, placing higher importance of American tragedies over others. As an American, I know how self centered this country is. You see it on the news every day. You hear it when you talk to people IRL, as they have no regard for lives other than the ones that look and sound like them. It's disgusting.

A more appropriate post would have been "Never Forget" and "let us take this day to remember all the lives that have been lost all over the world."

Again, this forum is American centric and self centered and should be deleted as it is an insult to all lives lost, regardless of race or religion.
Posted September 15 2016 - 16:20
It isn't an insult to anyone or anything. Mentioning one doesn't negate the others. The fact that you think it is probably means you should sit in a corner and have a wee think about life.

Alternatively, if you are so offended by it don't read it. Or maybe start you own post commemorating the loss of all life everywhere else.

Posted September 15 2016 - 17:29
Posted September 18 2016 - 09:21
It would be extremely appreciated if all users would stop using this particular forum thread...http://www.the-outbreak.com/forum/list_topics.php?parent=2 for any kind of discussion, including but not limited to the kind of discussion that happened here.

Humanity is an imperfect species by its own standards. Humans have done terrible things to each other for centuries, absolutely barbaric things which would send chills up any civilized person's spine...acts befitting the deepest circle of hell. The sooner people let go of the thought of revenge for fresh atrocities, the sooner the society can be stabilized; and it will be easier to find a civilized solution for the problem.

But this doesn't mean we should ignore the people lost to this side of the human nature. Its our duty to honor them, because their sacrifice has opened our eyes.

P.S. If someone feels like there's some humor in something, they have the right to joke about it all day long. Just make sure go to the appropriate place lest you should hurt someone's sentiments. There are innumerable places for people with socially awkward/unacceptable views...

For all further discussions...like paying respects or sharing your grim humor which not a lot of people want to hear, please use this link : http://www.the-outbreak.com/forum/list_topics.php?parent=6
Posted September 18 2016 - 22:49
Alright, Mom...
Posted September 20 2016 - 17:43
Oh, and Scarlet, I did Post about the Attacks in Paris, France, almost instantly after those terrible attacks. I just feel that as an American, I must worry more about issues related to America, the Earthquake in Italy was bad, yes, I know. But it didn't personally affect me.
Posted September 20 2016 - 23:39
Shit happen and we will get over it. Also New York survive another terror attack so that something to be happy about

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