The Survivors chronicles. The New World

Posted September 13 2016 - 02:57
I ran and ran and ran. But I couldn't run away from Brad. "Help me! Hel!" <cough, cough> He coughed out blood and continued chasing me down. "Go away! You're sick, you're sick!" I begged him to go away, but he didn't. I whipped out my 9mm pistol and I put a bullet in his head. He stayed dead. "It had to be done, it had to be done, it had to be..." Guilt struck me, what if it wasn't a plague, what if it was just a common cold. But then the blood will not be there.I prayed for him. Then I got his supplies and moved on. I had to get out of the city immediately. I went through the sewers, to avoid the possibility of meeting infected people. I stayed in the sewers for the night. "Brad, of my god!" I weeped for 2 hours straight. When I got up, I packed up headed out. "I should get out of pittsburgh in a couple of minutes" Soon enough, I did. I saw the sewer gates and I saw the curfew at the bridge. Soldiers checking if you are healthy or not. Infected people got shredded by the bullets of the soldiers rifles. Then the giant wire fence broke down and people started rushing out. I ran for my life and went south to the town of Jackson's. I hid from the panicking infected people at the risk of catching the infection. When they went away, I wrote my first journal entry.
To whom this may concern
I survived. The first month at least, it had to be soon enough that the military started shiping people to the quarantine zones. But I refused. Why? Why did I. My name is G(shredded part of the paper), good name right? Anyway, what matters is, I get to Nevada in the west all the way from east of the mississippi. I will need a car, i will try the mall for some cars(more shreded paper). Good luck, and may god bless the world, or the new world anyway.

To be continued