Army Readiness

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Posted September 21 2016 - 20:16
Still find this ridiculous.

An army with over 5000 units in it, most of which are specialized, loses 60 readiness when you send out 500 agents. 10% of your army gpes out on an attack and you lose 60 of your readiness.

What? If Bobby the Blind Agent, Derrick the Deaf Mortar, and Melvin the Mute Cop go out of the on an attack the city is screwed? Is 2/3 of my army deaf or mute and Melvin is the only one to sign to them because Derrick, who knows ASL, wont sign back and Bobby, who thinks is doing it correctly, is blind and doesnt know what the fuck he's doing with his hands so no one listens to him. Is that whats going on?

Readiness should be relative to the amount of army you send out. If you send out 60% of your army, 60 readiness should be left. If you attack with 100% of your army, 100% of your readiness should be gone because you fucking sent out your entire army and left citizens to defend your town while you gawk over Acre 69.
Posted September 22 2016 - 10:34
I understand that Army readiness at this moment is not really a realistic presentatie of the name we have given it.

But its purpose is to prevent large player to relentlessly attack smaller players.

Perhaps we could change the formula a bit, i will give some thoughts on it :)

If any of you guys have any thoughts on it please post them here.

Posted September 22 2016 - 11:47
Just expand cost of attack up to 100 force readiness.

Now stepping of cost looks like that:
200 units - 25 force readiness
300 units - 38 force readiness
400 units - 50 force readiness
500 units - 60 force readiness
600 units - 60 force readiness

There is no reason to stop on 60. Cost of attack of few thousands units should be around 100 for sure.
For example make 5000 units cost 100, also add some steps between 60 and 100 readiness.
Posted September 22 2016 - 16:08
Only thing I can think of is type. Probably takes dumb dumb Militia Mike more readiness than Marine Mark since he's all pro and sh!t.

Just woke up though so IDK yet.
Posted September 22 2016 - 17:08
Increase the maximum force readiness in line with number of attacks/ defences on actual towns and substancially increase the number of points it takes to launch a huge force. It would prevent people from farmvilling the whole game to launch a super attack at the end and reward those who are active participants.

Posted September 22 2016 - 18:54
ImageYou already have a block for that of which does not include Acres and Goverment buildings but includes army size, population, town buildings and not battles won. Quit babying smaller players. If the point system is working correctly then there is no problem. Its their fault for A) not reading the guide and B) Joining K3 or K4 as a Starter which should be impossible of you really want to protect them that much. They should know the rules walking into anything other than K1, More people are able to attack you due to the lower lower point protection (which I dont think is working, btw. The notification says 2/3 even though you said you would change it to 1.3 up and 1.3 down or 1/3 both ways in K2). If they're gonna be pussies and quit because a guy in point range sharted on them, It's. Not. Your. Problem. Ronald. They need to grow up and take it or get good.

Anyways, at least for acres and government building attacks, it should be army relative since 1) They're not included in the point protection, 2)are not towns, and 3) are not included in the point protection of which is used to protect smaller players from bigger. And I shouldnt have to waste 60 readiness on an EMPTY acre. If theyre NOT GONNA DEFEND IT. People also shouldnt get a complete report when they send out a deez attack of 10 bikers to check out an acre or town and they get CREAMED.

Hell, you guys are always saying the point system is an accurate representation of a towns strength. How about we just go on army size then. Army size and maybe defensive structures and add something to protect against mortars.
Posted September 22 2016 - 21:26
" ...blah blah...
...add something to protecr against mortars.

Yeah, mortars causing too huge damage on buildings.
Posted September 22 2016 - 21:48
Yeah, just look at this before and after:


Posted September 22 2016 - 23:30
It funny cause scar is right
Posted September 22 2016 - 23:48

How much force readiness would someone like this need? lol.
Posted September 23 2016 - 00:47
See with that MAYBE I would make 50% the max. But even then, if he uses his WHOLE army that 100% Readiness instead of 60%, wait 2hrs, attack again (not that he could touch you again with that second attack. You'd be in bottom frag.) If it was 100% he could only attack once and would have to wait 8hrs minimum to attack again.
Posted September 23 2016 - 10:23
Thank you all for your input and i agree now we have different attack rules for each area in place, we could make this less of a barrier.

Im going to change the formula for next round :)
Posted September 23 2016 - 10:42
You should try to comprehend more and rage less, scarlet (I know that is a challenge for you)... My suggestion wasn't to do with defending low ranking players... It was to prevent players from ducking the action for the entire round only to launch a single mega-atack in the closing days of the game.

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