Constructing Taverns

Posted August 11 2015 - 16:10
The Tavern description says that it can attract 50 bikers, how does that work?
Posted August 11 2015 - 16:37
You need one tavern to be able to hire 50 bikers.
If you hire more bikers than that, you will then need to build another tavern.
At 100, the same happens. To hire 101 you would need 3 taverns. 151 = 4 taverns etc.
Posted August 12 2015 - 03:23
Posted August 13 2015 - 21:55
Or just brew a better beer at your tavern... more bikers will come!!! ;) Its a joke... dont take me seriously hehehehe! Cause i don't think the devs have any intention to put a "Brew Better Beer" Button! Although... hahaha... think about it devs hahahaha ;)