The Socialist Survivors Republic

Posted September 30 2016 - 00:17
This is a clan of self building. In the S.S.R we are all equal regardless of ability and level. Accept any and all players and strive to make this clan more powerful and ourselves with it. The S.S.R. is communist clan that allows players to build there power and help one another and then to obtain respectable power. Of recent activity free enterprise is allowed within the ranks of the S.S.R and has became a more passive and mercentile clan. Located in Kansas 3.

The red glow will make us grow! And we shall crush our enemies under our feet!

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Currently inactive. This clan was mainly created to irritate McComb(RimC99). If he returns so shall the SSR.

The S.S.R has its origin back in late 2015 with three friends in the K1 server. Back when we were still new we were left unnoticed and unremarked. The S.S.R. restricted membership solely to the three friends currently known as, Nube_Cybot, McCready, and Shadowclaw666. The three original founders kept to them selves. In K1 the S.S.R. was little more then a name shared between its three members. It wasn't until 2016 when the S.S.R. decided to move to K3, but kept the restrictions on membership. It isn't until later in the same year that the S.S.R. decided to open up the clan to all possible members. After the S.S.R. grew in size it was recognized by the other prevalent clans. The S.S.R. is an old clan that is on par with NATO for being one of the oldest in the game that has been in all servers.

The Cannibal Uprise. Week 600-1131. Over five rounds ago. Resulted in a stale mate. Details: The clan called the Cannibal Republic of Kansas pronounced they had claimed domination over all of the map. Nobody was ready for a clan with some of the most powerful players in the game that resorted to using exploits in the game's code and they hit hard because of it. Most towns were reduced to rubble and most clans crushed and for some time the Cannibals did hold all properties. The Cannibals did take all properties by week 540 and at that point the SSR did not battle against them and wanted to become allies with them. A member was able to negotiate with them and they gave up control of one acre for us as a sign of 'peace', but that soon changed. The Cannibals attacked us shortly after the treaty was made and thus starting the war. The SSR struggled at first to defend against them, to keep claim over any properties, and only won a few assaults on their towns. The Cannibals did easily reclaim any properties anyone took and were able to defend the acres they needed to exploit the game. A member was able to defend reliably and held continuously one acre towards the end of the round and this member was used to keep the Cannibal's attention in game and forums. In the meantime the Head Minister was making deals with those who remained and planed. The plan was simple, scrape together all the resources we can collectively muster and send them to Nube_Cybot because he had four wildcards. With the resources Nube_Cybot was able to construct a good army and would attack the Cannibal's properties while other players would attack the Cannibal's towns with what ever meager forces they could muster. With full sacrifice of the SSR members and the use of wildcards Head Minister Nube_Cybot, was able to claim four more acres at the end of the round thus making their complete domination of the map a false claim as well as their claim of 'enslaving' the entire K3 player base.

The Acres War, week 483-504. Over five rounds ago. Resulted in minor SSR victory. Details: The clan NATO captured acres previously belonging to an SSR member. The SSR was able to reclaim the acres, claim some belonging to NATO, and had a devastating victory over their leaders town. After the attack peace was called as NATO wanted to focus all their attention to their war with the Cannibal Republic of Kansas. The SSR did not help them with that fight but did aid NATO with supplies.

The Fake NATO War, week 323-381. Over five rounds ago. Resulted in SSR victory. Details: The clan United Nations, comprising of NATO members of the former round, asked the SSR to help attack a clan claiming to be NATO. The 'fake' NATO clan was completely dominated and erased with a split in conquered properties with the United Nations. The United Nations went on to fight against the Cannibal Republic of Kansas. The SSR did not fight with them and reserved their forces and resources for defense.

The Nexus Conflict, week 712-718. Over five rounds ago. Resulted in SSR victory. Details: The SSR was caught in crossfire of the war between the clans of Short Bus Commandos and Nexus_Coalition. The Short Bus Commandos was about to lose several acres and a government facility to the Nexus_Coalition so they traded these properties to the SSR. The Nexus_Coalition continued with their attack which resulted them in attacking SSR territory and seen as an act of war. The SSR was allied with the Short Bus Commandos and had no relations with the Nexus_Coalition so the SSR declared war and was preparing to attack. The Nexus_Coalition contacted the SSR to apologize for the attack and to request peace. The SSR demands for the peace treaty was to relinquish hold of all former SSR territory and to pay tribute. The properties were given back to the SSR but instead of tribute the Nexus_Coalition gave us a clan member instead.

The McComb Eradication, week 1-1131. Over five rounds ago. Resulted in SSR victory. Details: The player know to most as McComb was always a pain and nuisance for players. The SSR has previously had good relations with this player but this just showed the SSR how troublesome he was. In the pre-round chat nearly everyone had distaste for this players and verbally announced their plans to non-stop attack him, the SSR was no exception. This was also the first and last time the SSR appeared in K2 to do the same to him in that server. McComb did try to plead the SSR to help him but we responded with a constant attacks. To say the least, McComb was obliterated and has yet to return to face the SSR again.

The Second Cannibals War, week 771-1131. Over five rounds ago. Resulted in stale mate. Details: Using experience from previous conflicts and everyone's general hate towards the Cannibals the SSR had more moderate success in defending their towns against Cannibal's attack. Acres constantly traded hands with more being lost to the Cannibals. Everyone fought hard and the SSR took the main role of suppling allies as well as harassing Cannibals' acres. Head Minister Nube_Cybot remained friendly to the Cannibals at face value while quietly maneuvering and directing SSR members and allies in coordinated attacks against the Cannibals. At the end of the round the SSR and allies had a decent number of acres to call their own and their towns still intact.
Posted September 30 2016 - 00:26
Aw sweet. Nube your creating a clan sign me up. Changed my town name to Shep.
Posted October 01 2016 - 04:49

It would appear that there is another Communist state that has arisen from my Philosophy... It is simple, really, it is either you ally with the UKSR and the United Nations, or die. I would recommend the former!

Go ahead, go and look at our permanent forum for a real taste of a Communist State!

Sincerely yours,

David, President of the U.K.S.R

the Town of McComb
Posted October 18 2016 - 19:54
The SSR is a very excepting and kind clan. I rely aappreciatethere presence. They aren't power hungry monsters ether.
Posted December 02 2016 - 21:49
The S.S.R. has returned to K3 once again.
Posted December 06 2016 - 19:44
Posted January 30 2017 - 20:57
Free enterprise is now allowed within the ranks of the S.S.R. This round the S.S.R will try to be more of a bartering clan.
Posted January 30 2017 - 21:10
You guy's are still around?
Posted January 30 2017 - 21:13
Ah McComb. To answer your question, yes we are still around. We don't just disband and bail after just one round. I also do ask that you are polite on this forum.
Posted January 30 2017 - 21:20
I'm being as polite as I am possibly capable. I would hope that we can have an alliance between our two clan's once more.
Posted January 30 2017 - 21:28
The S.S.R is here to help supply people all their barter needs to the best of our abilities. For a respectable price of course.
Posted February 01 2017 - 06:10
has the SSR moved from k3?