New Unit and Attack Ideas- Vechiles, etc.

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Posted September 30 2016 - 22:46
I think it would be really cool if there were many other units, with different units being in different catogoreys with special abilities, like the mortar teams.

For example, vehicles! Wouldn't it be really cool to be able to have combat vehicles? Possibly something like a APC or LAV that two people have to man it so it adds extra attack?

Or maybe even Towed Artillery, which would pretty much be like super mortars. They'd be super expensive, and cost fuel to manage.

Also aircraft as well. Wouldn't it be neat if you could build a airstrip or hanger, similar to a garage, to mangae aircraft? Like, improvised aircraft, for example two seater passanger planes. Then advanced aircraft, like bombers which could be able to conduct special operations by bombing areas for super high damage. But you'd have to spend lots of fuel to manage it, as well as buy the bombs.

Another thing, dynamic defenses. What I mean by this is something like these-

Anti Aircraft Battery- Deals damage to aircraft by possible detroying them, and by having a chance to destroy bombers before they reach their target

Surface to Surface Scud Launcher- Fires a heavy missile at incoming targets for high damage towards vehicles.

There could be a good choice of aircraft, like a B-52 bomber, dealing high damage, or a AC-130J that deals extra damage when your attacking something. Or a A-10 that destroys and random amount of units during the attack in a gun run.

Some more stuff-

Specialized attacks-

One thing that would be really cool, would be stuff like a gbu-43/b... Or known as a MOAB. Something like this that would be researched and cost a lot of resources... Like I'm talking 200,000+ plus each. These would be carrried by planes and do a massive amount of damage. (Since irl they have a mile blast radius.)

Another thing, a EMP Explosive device. This could render all vechiles for defense or stuff that runs on power, sentries, checkposts, etc. useless for a certain amount of time.

There's a lot of possibilites that would be really cool-

Let me know if you agree with any!
Posted September 30 2016 - 23:15
This game is not about China fighting USA for world domination or such scenario, just about some random gangs and militias fighting in some shithole called Kansas for some tiny acres and loot, so advanced warfare stuff just not fit here, it is other scale, also game is set in post-apo / post-war reality not just during some war. No sense in adding whole modern military stuff.
Posted October 08 2016 - 04:20
My one troop suggestion, Medic. The Medic will allow a player to cut down on the number of casualties while attacking or defending. On the down side I would have the Medic provide little attack and defense and cost a little expensive. Just a suggestion.
Posted October 08 2016 - 05:11
Good ideas but you have to keep in mind what setting this game is in. What would be the chance to not only find combat vehicles just around in the US.
Posted October 08 2016 - 06:59
For aircraft i think we can have a helicopter with a door mounted machine gun.
other units like APC or LAV, c'mon we are living in post apocaliptiv or whatever that stuff is
Posted October 08 2016 - 07:06
This is a Post-Apocalyptic game, not a War Game. Scud Missiles and B-52s...? Even the idea of planes in such a world as "The Outbreak" is in would prove near unrealistic, and just not make sense. Having something like an improvised armoured car would be neat, but not for combat, simply for stronger convoys (when attacking and sending resources).
Posted October 08 2016 - 15:12
but a helicopter with a door machinegun can inducted in the game
Posted October 08 2016 - 17:14
ye, Helicopter with gun and to counter it Jeep with gun.
maybe it would fit to game reality, but still no idea if we really need more units. truth is that such forces would not be much different than these what we have already, just image and name would be different.
helicopters or jeeps would be fast like bikers, with high attack like bikers, and shitty against buildings like bikers...
Posted October 08 2016 - 18:04
Well we don't 2 biker like units so there would be no point. This game has a story around it and the Devs need to keep to the story. When suggesting units the developers will not take ideas like that seriously. Clubsquirrels idea was good but where are you gonna find a helicopter not only with duel guns but also with ammo for those guns.
Posted October 09 2016 - 06:10
Guesswhosback, i'm not talking about an attack helicopter like apache, it can also be a normal civilian helicopter with a sniper or machine gunner sitting next to the door!
Posted October 10 2016 - 03:49
everyone is saying that this is post apocalyptia and such tech would not be possable... cmon guys it was a disease, the only diffrence from now and before the outbreak is that there are alot less people. the technology of the past is still there and people know how to use it, i think id be a great idea.
Posted October 10 2016 - 07:04
thats what i'm telling, it was a virus outbreak, not a zombie world
Posted March 02 2017 - 21:28
Looking at this forum I personally see some good ideas, and some not so good. As for more military grade units and tech this just can’t be, Kansas only has two army forts, and one air force base. Three national guard armories (in game would be four). As of now the population of Kansas is about two million people, with some quick calculations I have determined that there is roughly 35 civilians to every active solder. This would mean that military grade weaponry wouldn’t be available to everybody. So the fact of heavy military units is a low possibility. Yet reinforced civil weaponry isn’t as farfetched. There is a decent number of civilian airports in Kansas. So some form of aircraft might be conceivable, but this would cost massive amounts of fuel. As well as an armoured diesel truck that would be good for convoys or transportation would be a very realistic implement.

To this point I have been mentioning vehicles and not units, there is a reason for that. By the time The Outbreak takes place some military positions would be constructed and thus having a greater military presence. This is even seen the story that is behind the game. For those who don’t know the story behind The Outbreak, here is a fast crash course. In the near future a deadly virus breaks out in America, and in return America closed its borders. The government has a hard time keeping people safe and the civil structure intact. So the only ones fit for survival were the ones that live. So with that being said I would expect several civilians units to appear. The savage world would make for some hardy fighters. In the event of civilian raiders capturing and stealing from a government armoury is a possibility. As I read, someone suggested a medic this would be more than a great addition, for both military and civilians have access to medical personals doctors, nurses, even vets could become medics. As of now there is only two civil units that can be recruited a militia and policeman, which both would make sense the world of the game. But a whole population would fit into more categories than just militia or policeman. Surely some people will show more aptitude for combat. Riot police, firemen, mercenaries, first responders, even a hunter are all civic positions which would provide more adequateness in combat than handing a random man a gun tell him to fight. So the point I’m trying to make, It would be nice to see more units in the game. Not even regular units, maybe more special units that can be picked at town set up. There is fine select of troops right now, just kinda worn out and generic.

Here is the units I would suggest with stats that makes the most adequate since in the game,

Attack, 5. Defense, 2.
Cost: 750 cash. 200 food. 1 population.
Medium death rate. Medium kill rate.
No special.

Seasoned Hunter
Attack, 4. Defense, 3.
Cost: 600 cash. 200 food. 1 population.
Medium death rate. High kill rate.
Special: low upkeep.

Attack 1, Defense, 2.
Cost: 2000 cash. 800 food.
Low death rate. Very low kill rate.
Special: reduces the how many units die after battle by 0.03%, per medic. Take 2 unit spaces in vehicle.

Specialized, Picked)
Shock Soldier, variant of soldier.
Attack 8, Defense, 6.
Cost: 1750 cash. 750, food.
Low death rate. High kill rate.
No Special

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