Republic Democracy NATO Concord

Posted October 01 2016 - 06:17
Clan name may change, due to a... very funny... and stupid dispute.

Clan is on K3







If you wish to join NATO, send a message to the Tie Organization leader, shown above. There are requirements to be in the clan however.


Activity- If we wish NATO to become stronger we need active members. This doesn't mean 24/7 however. Just active enough with the clan.

Cooperation- NATO is a Republic, so everyone has a voice in the clan. But we do wish that you can cooperate with fellow clan members by not out right fighting instead of debating. You don't have to help out a huge amount with every request, but usually if the clan comes together asking for help in times of need it is greatly appreciated if you do contribute.

Alliance- You cannot attack or declare war on any other clan members in NATO. If you want to join NATO, the clan can help you resolve any conflicts.

Rules of NATO will be posted soon-

NATO is STRICTLY led by The United States of America under a Republic Democracy.
Other countries, governments, and establishments that have different forms of government are still welcome into NATO. However, blind hostility towards NATO will NOT be tolerated.

We take care of our other clan members in NATO, we look out for each other. We help our clan members in their time if need.

*If you wish to join NATO, go to the T.C.O leader, The United States, town and view the personal message.*

NATO will NOT be pushed around and we can and WILL defend ourselves.

Send requests and messages about NATO to The Tie Organization leader-
Town Name: *
Mayor Name: *

NATO Relations-

Clan Allies-


Regional Allies-

:Current Updating:



NATO Operations-


NATO is divided into certain sections of operations. For example, HOT operations, (Hostility Operation Ties) and Special Operations, as well as a few others. Task forces as well as ranks are assigned into NATO, for example Special Task Forces.

Declassified Forces Include-

The United States Delta Task Force Operating Coordination (Delta Force) :Classified Operations:

The United States/NATO Paramilitary Operating Forces- Conducts standard and special military operations :Further operations classified:

The United States National Regional Counter Services- Conducts defensive and offensive counter attacks across the region

The United States Weaponized Armed Task Forces (ARMY)- :Operations Classified:

Center of Intelligence Agency (CIA) :Operations Classified:

Posted October 01 2016 - 19:01
I thank all who had wanted NATO back, and all who had welcomed our Return, but to our disappointment, NATO and myself will not be returning this round, and quite frankly, after this experience may never return to the Outbreak. I hope everyone has a Good Time.