Cannibal Republic of Kansas

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Posted February 23 2020 - 11:49
Round is over.
Unexpectedly our legendary barbecue brigade for the first time in a few years long infamous history ended round so unsuccessful.
But well, as a wise cannibal once said "If you eat the bowels, feces may always happen".
Kansas3 McCannibal's staff: Mohawk, HeadHunter, Castle_Brass, Alexandria.
Thanks for playing, mates.
GG to our opponents, massacre well done.

Meanwhile in K2 our fraternal branch Clowns with Guns maintained over a year long dominance. Congrats!

* * *

Posted February 23 2020 - 19:58
First time I saw you guys not dominate in K3, but I just got back. Most likely this new round will probably be a different story. Best of luck to you all.
Posted March 10 2020 - 18:13
woah!! Is that clan still a thing or just posts bumping?
Used to play with about 2-3 years ago. New account tho, dont remember old name, so you cant remember me
Mohawk and wasteland towns I remind, not sure abotu others
Didnt expected to see any known face after these yers. Returned to check game and warm up in k1, soon my bro gonna join and we can team with ya if you play seriously
greetz, hf
Posted March 10 2020 - 20:47

Good to see old mate returning.

Yes, we are still here no matter how unbelievable it may look. :D
Sadly no Wasteland with us anymore, but me (mohawk) and detritusrex are still on board since early days.

I wish I could remember you but no way without any details if town name is forgotten. Looking at your account name - there was chernobyl guy, played like 2 rounds years ago, Russian if I good remember. Wild guess.

There is more ppl willing to play in Canns than slots then cant promise you anything, but of course feel free to contact me so we can find some solution.
Posted April 06 2020 - 19:59
Posted May 04 2020 - 07:42
First time in a round with the CRoK, I have to give my respect to y'all. Dominating as usual.
Posted May 13 2020 - 18:44
Sometimes dominating, sometimes not, thats the game :)

Glad to say that after harsh round and nasty warfare we restored our rule in K3 and maintained domination in K2.
Posted May 14 2020 - 05:14
Next rounds are going to be fun :)
Let's have a fun game.
Posted June 28 2020 - 11:20
Round is over, war is paused.

K3: After few interesting rounds this one was like holidays for Cannibals - relax, points grinding and only few fights so not much reasons to brag about ;)

Krakow > Camerock

K2: This round we (Clowns with Guns) struggled with nasty swarm of three clans, and own internal problems with keeping complete and active team, but eventually we passed by that hard competion and achieved most of our goals.
Congrats to whole team for ending as best clan again! Special applaus to Overgeared for his 3rd victory in a row!

The_Senate > Castle_Black
KillVille > systemofadown_

Thanks for playing with/against us.

Epic moment. Most likely the longest serie of failed attacks vs. one town in the Outbreak history. Mega fuck-up to say it straight :D

Posted June 28 2020 - 12:28
Large oof for that. I honestly thought that Clowns will fail the round, but of course I was wrong.
Posted July 17 2020 - 16:52
The Triforce is a small clan but I have hope that we will hurt the CROK in k3 or die trying
(but we are in k2 right now) (we might actually die trying because there is ugiley 2 or 3 people in the clan)
Posted November 17 2020 - 02:04
hey this is the brotherhood of steel
please be advised if you dont surrender and come to us we will annihilate you

-elder lyons
Posted November 18 2020 - 05:11
i got something to say stay out of my way the brotherhood of steel will annihilate you if you do not comply

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